Bridal Beauty Tips {Review}

The kind people over at Clever Girls have given me another opportunity to talk beauty with you all. Lucky me, right? Well, given that I’ve written a 2 part series about frugal ways to avoid beauty disasters, I am thinking I need to write about something a little different.

I love weddings, and as a woman who got married back in 2009, I totally remember the stress about the big day. Weight, skin, armpits (yup, armpit issues again!), hair, makeup…it can get overwhelming. So with bridal season underway, I thought it’d be fun to revisit some of the products that helped me on my big day.


Aww, memories!

1.) Wax strips: Now, I know many women may have hair on their face that they don’t like or heck, maybe you need a touch-up between eye brow waxings. These are fab! You warm them up using the palms of your hands and you’re ready to go. About $6 a box at most drugstores.

2.) Rollerball perfume: These handy little things are small and narrow making them an ideal choice for a bridal clutch. Easy to reapply as needed.

3.) Advil: Inevitably, all the stress, painful heels or lack of eating may lead to a huge headache.

4.) Soft touch/natural hairspray: Don’t pick one that will leave your hair crunchy. You want to tame crazy flyaway hairs while maintaining a beautiful hairstyle. Snag one of these in a trial size!

5.) Eyeliner & mascara: My eyeshadow stayed put throughout the day, but I remember wishing I had an eyeliner on me to touch-up my eyes a bit. Mascara also helps, especially if it’s waterproof! On my wedding day it rained a TON and I wasn’t very prepared for that.

6.) Deodorant: So imperative to not be stinky as you shimmy and shake on the dance floor. Back in 2009 Dove didn’t have their clear tone deodorant, but now that they do, I’d recommend it to all brides. It’s invisible, doesn’t clump up, smells divine and is so affordable.

Those are some of the tips I have that are less obvious than the usual band-aids, safety pins, bobby pins kind of things you see mentioned.

What helped you on your big day? Do you have any tips for brides?

I was compensated for this post as a member of Clever Girls Collective. All the opinions expressed here are my own.