Book vs. Nook

I’ll fully admit it- I do not read books often. At all. I used to read TONS when I was a young girl. I read the Goosebumps books by R.L. Stein & the Baby Sitters Club Books.

I subscribe to like 8 different magazines, and all I do with them is flip through the pages and look for pretty pictures like I am 4-years old.

But lately, I started reading Breaking Dawn (Team Jacob! Simply because he is HAWT. And 18.) and the hour or so I spend laying in bed with that book is often times the most relaxing part of the day. There’s something amazing and therapeutic about getting lost in someone else’s world. It’s an escape, and a very welcome one when life can be stressful.

Therefore, I think I’d like to make time to read more. Now the question is do I read books or do I read books on an e-reader? I’ve done research on the e-readers before, and to me the Nook by Barnes & Noble is my favorite. I think there are pros and cons to buying books or buying a Nook.


With a book, I just love the feel of it in my hands. It’s a ticket to Forks, a recipe for success, a good chuckle; it’s many things. I like the feel of a luscious, hardcover book. Then there’s the joy of accumulating a collection of books and having impressive bookshelves:





However, I hate clutter, and I doubt I will ever have spaces as impressive as the ones in the above pictures (all from Decor Pad).

Then a Nook might be a good investment? Maybe? The price has come down a ton. I remember when I was first looking at the Nook + accessories it was going to be upwards of $300, but now the basic Wi-Fi version is $149. A steal, IMO. It’s portable, easy to use, and can hold a ton of books.

Oh, and it has cute accessories too!


From Etsy


Also from Etsy


Jonathan Adler Case at BN

See? Equally stylish, but far less clutter.

I do like that with either option, I can lounge in cozy, airy, delightful spots such as these: (again, all images from Decor Pad)





I think the biggest deciding factor might be whether or not I’ll ever buy and use these book ends. I’ve wanted them forever.


So, tell me, would you prefer a book or a Nook? Why? Also, anyone have any good book recommendations?

Speaking of which, check out Gwen’s blog- she reads a ton, she’s a sweetie, and I hope to meet her at Blissdom ‘11. Wink, wink.



  1. Anonymous
    July 19, 2010 / 1:05 pm

    ok those book ends are adorable!Also I am no help for your book vs nook debate as you give very good arguments to both sides.. I'm conflicted haha.

  2. July 19, 2010 / 10:26 pm

    No one said that you can't have both an e-reader and tree books! I want both, but that is what I do and how I roll. My problem is that I can't decide on which e-reader to get. Nothing tickles me more than to hear someone loving the escape that is reading. And yes, I am still planning on Blissdom;)