Bonita’s Margaritas {Review}

One of the MOST popular posts on my blog happen to be the two posts in which I basically totally diss Skinnygirl Margaritas by Bethenny.

Because they taste like crap.

And, if you peruse the comments, you’ll see most people agree with me. And on Twitter when anyone asks about Skinnygirl Margaritas, it never fails that someone tweets something like this: “Ohmygosh you have to read @MonicaBenavidez review on that crap. Seriously. She says it’s crap.”

And I smile a little. <3

Now, Bethenny isn’t alone in making stuff that is low calorie, but tastes awful when you actually make the margaritas/long islands/mojitos.

There’s Baja Bob’s. Didn’t like ANY of their stuff either because it had a funky after taste. Now granted, I tried their mixes about 5+ years ago, but I remember I didn’t like them enough to try them ever again.

And there’s also this stuff I found at Wal-Mart:


Nasty. Nasty. Nasty.

There’s also the “skinny” margarita at Chili’s that is like $7 for ONE drink. ONE y’all. ONE.

Insanity! Can’t we just have good drinks and small asses?

Yes, we can.

I was contacted by Bonita’s Mixes last month and they offered to send me some mixes to try out, and I was like, “Yes. Please. And Thank you.” And would ya believe they got delivered the day I was so frustrated with my darn cabinets? Sign from the Gods people, seriously.

And they were packaged well, which is awesome because they are in glass bottles. Which I like, because I can use them to make stuff like this:



But anyway, I was super excited to try them out. So excited that by the time I took pictures for this review about 20 minutes ago, I had only this much left of the margarita mix:


Enough for one drink. Yup. I never, ever EVER finished any of the Baja Bob’s or Wal-Mart light drink mixes. Honestly, I just threw out the Wal-Mart one last week to make room for milk in the fridge.


Nutrition facts:


Cute logo. I lurve sweetheart necklines.


And best of all:


ZERO GUILT. Zilch. Nada.

And it’s all natural and I love their about us page.

How do you whip up a low calorie margarita? Well, it’s easy. Fill a pretty glass with some ice…


Add 3 parts margarita mix:


To 1 part tequila:


Or 2 parts. Hey, it might be that kind of a day. Don’t judge.


Swirl around with a bendy straw.


Sip, enjoy and know you don’t have to go run on the treadmill.

By my calculations, my yummy, delicious, ohmygoshsogood margarita comes in right around 100ish calories. Probably less actually. Today I omitted the salt (sodium…which I had enough of this weekend), but you could garnish with some lime and salt to make it a fiesta.

What do I like about Bonita’s Mixes? Well, they’re affordable. At $6.99 per bottle, I can easily make about 8 drinks from that. Compare that to 8 calorie filled drinks at a bar…and yeah. You’re looking at a huge savings in money and calories. Let’s face it- both matter.

The other thing I like about Bonita’s mixes is that they taste good. Something that has alluded other low-calorie mix makers. There’s no weird after taste, it’s not overly tart nor overly sweet. It’s like they’ve found a way to strike perfect harmony.

I also love that I can serve these to friends who could care less about calories, and they wouldn’t be able to tell much of a difference. My girlfriend had a margarita I whipped up for her, and she thought it was fabulous that she didn’t have to negate the calories we burned at Zumba earlier that day.

So, how can you get your hands on these bottles from heaven? Well, they do sell online, or you can see if they’re available at a store near you. The company is pretty new, so they aren’t available in a ton of places, but you can buy directly from them. I finished my margarita bottle tonight, so I will need to be placing an order stat. And if you like them, why not like them on Facebook, too? As an entrepreneur myself, I love hearing about success stories and I have a feeling that Bonita’s Mixes are going to be something big. Quality ingredients, great customer service and a fantastic product sound like a perfect concoction for success. I wish they were available locally here in South Texas because I’d be buying the mixes on the regular. Mmm hhhm.

And hey, the mixes were in the Oscar & Grammy goodie bags. Really! Isn’t that cool?

I like to think Lady Gaga had some after being cooped up in that egg.


And hey, if she didn’t, I wonder if she wouldn’t mind sending her bottles my way?

So, there’s my review of the margarita mix. I’ll be back later this week with recipes using their sweet & sour mix and mojito mix, which are also only 5 calories. Yup, I am hooked.

Disclaimer: I was provided these products for free to try, but my slight buzz and opinions are all my own. Don’t drink & drive!



  1. GoAgainstTheGrain
    May 10, 2011 / 1:22 pm

    GREAT review! So excited to hear they were good! I had a low calorie black bery margarita at Fridays last week that was pretty good, it was under 130 calories but that doesn't come close to Bonita's!

  2. The Wee Lass
    May 11, 2011 / 2:45 am

    Two parts tequila is key 😉