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Anyone who follows me on Instagram or happens to be my Facebook friend knows that I have a dog named Pee Wee and that he is my world! My husband and I have always had a certain “voice” for Pee Wee that we use when we’re talking on his behalf…don’t judge us. We’re dog people, y’all. 

So, when I saw the new #HappyStartsHere campaign featuring “talking dogs” participating in a focus group for ALPO®, I thought it was pure genius and absolutely hilarious.

I shared the first video with you all a few months back, and since then they’ve added a few more of them. My favorite one has to be the case study with the cute pug in a raincoat. Ralph is particularly profound in this video…

Think that’s funny? See what else our focus group has to say about our favorite blogger dogs

The campaign is definitely catchy (and pure genius!), but it also hits home for my dog. He loves ALPO® Chop House Originals because of the meaty chunks, tasty gravy, and accents of veggies. When his tail is wagging, that makes for a happy dog and happy dog parents. Pee Wee’s reaction to anything ALPO® is always super enthusiastic and positive– we can’t get the ALPO food in his bowl quickly enough once he hears the top pop off and smells the gravy. We’ll definitely pick up a few cans of his favorite ALPO® varieties for him to chow down on during the holidays.

Watch more blog dog videos and get inspired to share photos and videos of your dog with #HappyStartsHere. I promise you the videos are funny, and you may even spot a dog in the focus group who reminds you of your pooch. You can also use the #HappyStartsHere hashtag to share dog photos with other dog lovers, and of course, you can always follow the Instagram feed: ALPO® Instagram page

Anyone else have cute personas/voices for their dog? I know you do…dish! 🙂

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