Add “Bestest Auntie Ever!” to my resume. Stat.

My sister-in-law is a rock star. Poor thing. She went over her due date (by a few days, which is an eternity in pregnancy time I’m sure). On Friday, August 7th, she was having contractions, so off we went to the hospital. At midnight. After staying there a few hours, they said she was at a 4, and to go home. Saturday and Sunday came and went. Then Monday came along, and I got THE phone call at work at about 9 am.

“Are you ready to be an Auntie today?” my mother-in-law said.


So, all day long I worked away. I was so eager to see Andrew! If I was that excited, I can only imagine how Jodie & Stephen felt. All that waiting, pain, sonograms, excitement all comes down to one moment. That moment their child is born. It’s unreal isn’t it? I am always of the “don’t want ‘em, can’t pay me to have ‘em” mentality when it comes to children/babies, but after all this, I have baby rabies.

Which I am sure can only be cured by having Andrew piss in my face or vomit on an expensive shirt.


Anyway, I left work at about 4 pm. Still no baby. I mean, come on, she’s been in pain like all. freakin’. weekend. Seriously. Nope. She had an awful reaction to the epidural- her blood pressure went low, baby’s heart rate went down, she couldn’t breathe- scary! Finally, the effects of the epidural wore off (after giving us all an anxiety attack). We keep waiting. And waiting some more. We watch America’s Got Talent. We wait. Get my drift?

At about 8:30 pm or so, more bad news. She’s at an 8, she won’t/can’t dilate any further, and her blood pressure is through the roof. It’s HIGH! Higher than rock stars after a concert kind of high. They decide to do a C-Section.

So, we wait.



Finally the anesthesiologist comes out and lets us know all is well, but that’d we’d have to wait another hour or so until we see Jodie and the baby. Sigh.


Then Stephen/daddy comes out!


Stephen and his dad (now he’s a grandpa! awww!)


Stephen and his mom


Stephen’s little brother- isn’t it weird that this little fella is an uncle? Weird!


My father-in-law and mother-in-law. I have no clue what was so funny, but I love this picture. Love!


And then Stephen tells us we can’t see Jodie or the baby yet, but he will text Geno (my step mother-in-law…it’s complicated, don’t ask) a picture of Andrew.

Here’s the reactions when we get the picture message:




And then we get in trouble with security for being in the hallway. Poo on you security guard!

Finally, we get to see Andrew!!


My hubby and his nephew. Our nephew. Wow.


Precious baby boy.




Jodie & Andrew over at our apartment



Andrew, I love you. :o)



  1. Naomi
    August 17, 2009 / 11:42 pm

    awww I love your last three posts. I was with no internet these past few days except through my phone which was not that great cuz you know I'm not as cool as you and don't have a kick ass phone. Yay for Baby Andrew!

  2. Anonymous
    August 18, 2009 / 10:21 am

    Congratulations, Auntie! Wow, that's a long wait, but sooooo worth it in the end. I've been following your blog & enjoying it so much! Keep up the great work. Cute shower ideas, too.

  3. Debbie
    August 21, 2009 / 4:35 pm

    Awww, congratulations to the whole family!! Just found your blog and love your shower ideas! Have a great weekend.

  4. Anonymous
    January 8, 2010 / 9:32 am