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About Me

Official Bio:

Monica Benavidez is from San Antonio, Texas, but currently resides in Beeville, Texas with her husband Daniel and their dog Pee Wee. Monica started her lifestyle blog, Monica Wants It, in April 2009 as a way to chronicle the random things she wanted to buy online (so she could quit bugging her friends and hubby). Eventually it morphed into a blog featuring crafts, DIY home decor, weight loss struggles, and tasty recipes. When she’s not blogging, Monica can usually be found shopping, playing Just Dance, or out enjoying South Texas with her friends and family. Of all the topics she blogs about, her fave topic is sharing creative, affordable, and easy DIY projects to make all homes beautiful and personal.

I'm Latina. I'm a wife. I'm a daughter. I'm a sister. I'm a girl. I'm a woman. I'm a blogger.

Hi, I'm Monica, a 28 year old gal who has been displaced from a big city (San Antonio) to a little town in South Texas. Often times I hate it, often times I love it. I live in a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom ranch house built in the 1970's that I am renovating and fixing up one blog post and margarita pitcher at a time while yelling at my husband. My husband is great, and I think he's secretly in therapy to cope with how random and zany I can be.  My first child is my dog Pee Wee whom I love more than anything in this world. Except how much he sheds. You can read more about Daniel here and more about Pee Wee over here. They are my world.

In between all that madness, I am trying to lose weight and trying to gain sanity, trying to survive my PR/Communications job, and trying to be immensely happy. I have an unhealthy love of Disney, whipped cream flavored vodka and all things with bows and sparkles. Crafting makes me happy. I'll find a way to bedazzle everything. My Nikon D5000 is essentially my 3rd arm and my 2nd child. I graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a bachelors in journalism in 2006, and I hope one day I'll be motivated enough to get my master's degree.

I am Hispanic, though not fluent in Spanish anymore (forgive me abuela!) I love tortillas and refried beans a lot. I'm proud to be a Latina, and even though I am a bit of a coconut, I'll never forget my true roots.

This is me. This is my blog.
One day I hope to be normal.


{Giveaways & Reviews}
Feel free to contact me about any product reviews and giveaways that you think would benefit me/my readers via my e-mail address posted above. Some common topics I blog about are DIY/home improvement, arts & crafts, weight loss, healthy living, exercising/dancing, alcohol (yes, really), photography and home decor.

Here are some companies/organizations I have worked with:

Being Latino
Bonita's Mixes
Clever Girls Collective
Coffee Mate
Collective Bias/Social Fabric
CSN Stores
Cushion Source
Dahlicious Lassi
Home Depot
Kmart's Latina Smart Campaign (Brand Ambassador) 
Kraft Foods
Krylon Crafts
Verizon Wireless

Press kit available upon request.
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