Onelink Safe & Sound Review: A Smart Home Must Have

Gorgeous black, white and gold master bedroom suite.

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We've lived in our new home for almost a year, and while I've had tons of fun decorating spaces, my main priority was safety features to protect my family and our home. I made sure we had a home security system and cameras, and luckily given that it was a new construction we were fortunate enough to have our fire alarms hardwired into various spots in our home, such as our master bedroom.

Gorgeous black, white and gold master bedroom suite.

The one thing I didn't have checked off my list yet was a carbon monoxide detector, and now I have a Onelink Safe & Sound- a 3-in-1 intelligent smoke & carbon monoxide alarm, premium home speaker, and Alexa built in.

First Alert Onelink Safe & Sound Review & Installation

The reason we chose this particular model is that it has more features and perks than just your regular carbon monoxide/smoke detector combo. It's a smart home product, and we can check on the status of the alarm/home from our phones at anytime via the Onelink app, and we also have peace of mind that should an alarm go off when we are not home we will instantly be notified.
irst Alert Onelink Safe & Sound Review & Installation

We opted to put this in our master bedroom since we'd like to be notified immediately if something happens while we're asleep, plus the built-in speaker and tech features also made me want to put this in our master bedroom where I could enjoy them daily as I get ready for work or read in the evenings. Pee Wee approves, too (he's eyeing Daniel below as he removes the original fire alarm).

irst Alert Onelink Safe & Sound Review & Installation

While we're at home, it's really nice to be able to have the Alexa built-in functions to listen to classical music, check the weather or even tell her to arm our alarm system before we go to bed. I can also have her put stuff on my shopping list when I randomly think of things when I put away laundry.

The Onelink Safe & Sound was so easy to install! I legit had put aside an entire afternoon for this, and it took no time at all. We got to binge watch TV and take naps, no joke.

Luckily, we had First Alert hardwired smoke alarms so we literally had to turn off the power, remove the original fire alarm and face plate, install the new face plate and attach the unit. Flip the power back on, go through the activation process in the Onelink app, and enjoy! We were done in under 10 minutes for the actual installation, and it took me about 10 minutes to set-up all the features in the app the way I wanted them.

irst Alert Onelink Safe & Sound Review & Installation

While you do need to have hardwired smoke alarms to use this product, if you don't have First Alert branded ones they do provide various connectors that should work with your specific fire alarm.  (Side note: my husband and I were so impressed with the very premium feel of the product and the packaging.)
  irst Alert Onelink Safe & Sound Review & Installation

From a design perspective, it's sleek, minimal and will look good in any home. Here it is in my very monochromatic home. That white light you see is a nightlight- you can choose the color, brightness, and whether or not it's on. Great for hallways and kids rooms.

irst Alert Onelink Safe & Sound Review & Installation

And here it is in a more traditional setting:

irst Alert Onelink Safe & Sound Review & Installation

The ceiling provides great acoustics for a lovely sound experience. In addition to Alexa integration, you also have access to Pandora, Spotify and the music on your phone via bluetooth. You're going to want one of these in every room of your house, trust me. I highly recommend this to people who want a premium, affordable, and useful item to enhance and protect their home.

You can view the video below to learn more. If you have any questions about the Onelink Safe & Sound, please let me know in the comments. Have a safe and happy Independence Day!

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