Master Bathroom Update: Selecting Towels

Hi guys (and a warm welcome to those of you who landed here from Street Flea- isn't Kelly's styling fabulous?) I'm back this week with a super quick master bathroom update. Last week was my birthday so I took a few days off from social media/blogging to enjoy. Thanks for all the birthday wishes and the love on my spring tour post. I'm happy you all enjoyed touring my home.

I got one thing accomplished for my bathroom to do list...towels! I sort of lucked into the perfect set of towels for this makeover since I'm working with Amara Living on a post to promote their new arcade trend for spring. I chose the Park Slope towels, plus another solid set of towels with metallic stitching on the edge that are 50% off right now. 

They're gorgeous! I love the metallic thread on the edge of the solid black. And also, the bath sheets are HUGE. And sooooo soft. Very luxurious and totally worth the money.

Black and white towels by Amara Living.

The dot pattern is fun and a bit unexpected (which is what I want!)

Black and white towels by Amara Living.

I put them into the open shelving we have in our bathroom, and I think I'm going to need more towels for this area to look full and proper. I'll likely supplement with some black towels from Target, and I am still on the prowl for some nice baskets for the bins. The gold wire ones are way too small depth wise. I feel like I've looked everywhere for stylish rectangular you have any suggestions?

Black and white bath towels in open bathroom shelving.

While I was taking this photo, I had an idea pop into my head...why don't I change the chrome parts of my lucite pulls to gold (which is what I originally wanted)? I did a little Photoshop action to see how that would look.

Not too bad...

Black and white bath towels in open bathroom shelving.

I have a few broken pulls that our builder left behind, so I'm going to try to paint over the chrome with some gold paint (maybe the gold paint leftover from my DIY painted ottoman) to see how that works. If I succeed, that'll be next week's post.

And now you should head on over to Domicile 37 for some more inspiration for your bathrooms! I think Jess has such a unique design aesthetic that you're sure to love.

Boutique hotel inspired master bathroom refresh.



  1. OH MY GOODNESS! Those towels are so pretty! I can't wait to see this room come together.

  2. The gold will be fabulous, and if painting doesn't work out you can get similar pulls in gold at Hobby Lobby. Looking good already!

  3. Those towels are gorgeous! I love how they pop on those shelves


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