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The Sofa Saga of 2017

Picking a sofa can be an overwhelming experience and a large investment. Here are some of my favorite sofas available in 2017.

Sofa Wars.


Days of My Sofa.

As the Sofa Turns...

I tossed around a few ideas before I landed at Sofa Saga. And a saga it is. We're currently still sitting pretty on our tiny Chloe sofa from Macy's that is a whopping 76" wide or so. It's basically big enough for one of us plus Pee Wee. It's lack of length and depth makes it a pain to nap on, and it's not a good "curl up and watch Netflix to avoid adulting" kind of sofa.

If you're new to my sofa woes, here's the short of it: I'm tired of five year sofas! I want a sofa that will last and look good in 3, 5, or 7 years. I'm tired of saggy back cushions and too soft seat cushions. I want quality, and I don't mind splurging a bit, but nothing too crazy.

I wrote about my sofa quest a few months ago, and having seen the bulk of those in-person since then, I have safely crossed off all of them from that list except the Hutton Sofa from Room & Board. If money was no object, I'd buy the Hutton sofa and never look back. Total with tax and delivery, the price tag is a tad over $2,800. This is still the one sofa I haven't seen in-person, and with the Dallas location grand opening being pushed into 2018, it looks as if I really won't get to see it anytime soon.

It's a stunner though.

Picking a sofa can be an overwhelming experience and a large investment. Here are some of my favorite sofas available in 2017. 
Ultimately what draws me to the Hutton is it oozes style (see photo above). It's modern, yet the tufts give a slight nod to my traditional tendencies. What concerns me about the Hutton is in almost every photo I've seen of it when it's been "lived on" has this funky thing happening where the edges flip up on the sides. Not the end of the world, but kinda funky.

Source: Fig and Plum

Then I see it all pristine and I instantly forget all that and fall in love again.

Source: Room & Board

So keeping all that in mind, we've added these sofas to our list of sofa contenders.

The Silverton Sofa  |  Havertys

We saw this gray leather chesterfield in-person, and she's a beauty! I love the tufting, the modern take on the nailhead, the bun feet, the seat firmness, etc. The weekend we were at Havertys, they had the Silverton Sofa on sale for $1499 plus free delivery, making it about $2000 all in. They have not had a sale that great since then, but hopefully with Black Friday coming up they will have some deals.

The main reason I wouldn't buy this sofa is that the gray leather may clash with our current brown leather recliners and I don't want to replace everything at once. Is it bad to mix and match leathers?

Ms. Chesterfield  |  Interior Define

There's been a surge of online, direct to consumer furniture companies that allow people to create a custom sofa at non-custom sofa prices. Interior Define (and Joybird and Article which I'll delve into shortly) is one of the companies at the forefront of this custom furniture movement.

They have many stunning pieces, but my heart pitter patters when I see Ms. Chesterfield. If you can't tell, I have a thing for classic chesterfield sofas, but I love when they are given a fresh spin. This style is a creation of Maxwell Ryan, founder of Apartment Therapy, and it simply hits all the right notes style wise.

But function? Well. I honestly don't know. That's a lot of tufts/button to vacuum and keep dog hair/crumbs out of, plus the seat is a smidge low for me and my old lady knees, and it's also a lot of buttons that could go rogue leading to expensive repair bills. 

On the flipside, the fabric looks sumptuous, it's sexy, and it's most definitely timeless. Interior Define's generous return policy and free delivery makes this a seriously affordable'd clock in at about $2,200.

Liam Sofa  |  Joybird

Like the aforementioned Interior Define, Joybird is another custom e-tailer for furniture. Their Liam chesterfield is quite simply a chesterfield- minimal frills, bun feet or casters, and classic tufts. I ordered some swatches from them awhile back, and they have so many options...seriously, so many! I really love the ease of a velvet type fabric in terms of cleaning and feel. 

Joybird's prices and delivery/returns are very generous, and with the Bella Dove velvet fabric, I'd be looking at $2,200 for the sofa with casters and delivery. Note that after researching Joybird in more depth, I found this review (scroll down to the comments) and am no longer considering this sofa/company.

Sven Sofa  |  Article

The Sven sofa from Article seems to have achieved cult like status because the style truly would fit into anyone's home. Modern, eclectic, vintage, Scandinavian, simply freakin' works.

The in-stock colors and velvet fabric is perfection. Totally what I envision for our house. 

 Source: Kelly Elko

Sven is super gorgeous in Kelly's home (and I LOVE that color so much), and very affordable at <$1400 delivered to my front door in NOVEMBER mind you, but the back pillows concern me. I hate sad, frumpy back pillows. It's also not too deep, so I don't know if it'd be good for naps, but it really does look so stylish and incredibly comfy. And look at all those pretty tufts!

So What Now?

Now you see why this is a saga? All these are terrific options, yet none of these beauties has gotten me to whip out the AMEX and make the commitment to buy. What's my deal? I truly don't know. I think it's the fear of spending 2-3x more than I have on my previous sofas, which cost about $900, $800, and $1,000, respectively. 

What if I spend twice as much as usual and am still not pleased? I know I can return some of these without too much hassle, but then what?

I know many people recommended Lee, but after contacting a local interior designer I found out it's simply not in the budget right now since it'd be upwards of $3,500.

I share my advice a lot on these pages, but why don't you all chime in on this one... Do I sit and wait on my tiny sofa until the right piece at the right price comes along? Do any of these strike you as better than the others? Am I overthinking this? It is a big investment no matter how you slice it.

And there's the status of the Sofa Saga of 2017. Back tomorrow with an epic post that has two floral arrangements, the best cookies EVER, and so much more. Smooches!


  1. We had such a hard time shopping for a sofa as well. We looked everywhere and after reading tons of reviews, it seemed like everything mid-range got just as bad of reviews as lower quality sofas. We decided that we aren’t people to buy a $5k+ sofa that would actually last years and years (plus my tastes change every few years). We just went with an IKEA (which I know isn’t your style but we went kind of industrial/rustic so it works) and figure we’d rather replace the sofa several times than spend a ton and hate it in a few years.

    1. I've heard great things about IKEA sofas- I honestly haven't even checked them out, but now I will! I'm happy you found a sofa to fit your family's needs. It's a tough decision!

    2. I've had two Ikea Ektorp loveseats in my living room for 10 years. I also have 3 kids, 3 dogs and multiple foster dogs. When I fluff up the back cushions, they look like new. I have changed the slipcovers over the years when redecorating, but they have served us well!

  2. I like traditional/transitional style. My husband and I want a sofa that's tight back with sloped/track arms,no fuss pillows. I hate having to straighten up the loose back pillows on the sofa. We have finally picked out the Gibson sofa from Rowe Furniture in Crypton fabrics. The Crypton fabric is treated to repel stains and it great for pets.

    1. Loose back pillows are the worst, I hear ya. I'll have to look into Crypton fabric because of my darling Pee Wee- thanks for the rec!

  3. I like the Sven. I agree with Jen. I don't want to keep a sofa for 20 years because my tastes change so I would never pay over $2500 for a sofa.

    1. I'm having trouble stomaching the thought of spending $2000. Maybe 5 year sofas are the way to go? The Sven is a happy medium, and I think the pillows could easily be refilled to keep their shape...

  4. The leather would be a great long term bet. And if it isn't as great with your chairs at first, oh well. A house is a work in progress.

  5. We searched for months to find a decent quality sofa. We ended up buying a $4k sectional from Macys and that was supposed to be an investment piece of furniture, one that lasts for years. The fabric has held up wonderfully. The cushions are a huge FAIL. We are not rough on our furniture and do not have children to ruin anything. It is a real disappointment and I wont make that mistake again.