I Need a Living Room Rug.

As much as I adore the tile in our home, and I truly do, there are certain areas where a rug underfoot would feel absolutely lovely. One of those areas is our living room. I am either barefoot or in slippers when I’m lounging around, and feeling cold tile all the time is no fun, so I’m on the hunt for a rug.

Living Room Rug Choices | via

You’ve seen the bold curtains I chose for this space, so I want to find a rug that serves as an understated accent. I don’t want anything too loud or overwhelming since it’s an open space to the kitchen and dining areas. 

Gray tufted sofa, leather recliners, and Dayna barstools in an open concept living, kitchen and dining space. | via

Originally, we brought over the rug we had in the living room at the apartment, but in the new house it looked terribly out of place. The filigree pattern and beige/gray colors were just not working in harmony with the vibe I got going on.

Criteria for New Rug:
  • Soft, neutral-ish, BUT NOT BEIGE
  • Easy to maintain, hides dog hair
  • Affordable (<$500)
  • 8x10 size
  • Will look good in 1-year, 3-years and 5-years  
  • Not a terribly loud pattern/colors
  • Will look good with the sofa we are likely buying from Havertys next month: 

Havertys Silverton Gray Leather Chesterfield Sofa | via

Here are the top contenders so far in no particular order. I did some Photoshop mock-ups to get an idea of how the rug would look in the space because I obviously have too much time on my hands when Daniel watches football on Sundays.

Living Room Rug Choices | via
Thoughts: Affordable, hate the tassel edges, white may be tough to keep "bright"

Living Room Rug Choices | via
Thoughts: $700+, a bit too much beige/brown?, love the print though...LOVE.

Living Room Rug Choices | via
Thoughts: Plenty of color, large scale pattern, would it look good year round decor wise?

Living Room Rug Choices | via
Thoughts: Too much black and white? Blends in to the overall scene, which is good. Looks thin.

Do you have a rug suggestion I should look at? 

If so, drop me a link in the comments or shoot me an email.


  1. I prefer the antelope rug! It looks soft, it is neutral and brings together all the items in your living room area. But as I know well you are going to take the best decission for you and your living room :)

    1. Hi Christina! That one is TOTALLY my fave, too! My husband isn't as convinced, sadly. Maybe I can win him over.

  2. Love the antelope rug too and I also love cowhide rugs. They are so unique and you can pick a hide with all the colors you want. If you want something larger, why not layer a cowhide over a smooth texture sisal.

  3. I like the floral color first, gives a color anchor so the room doesn't float away neutral. Then the grey floral. I am with hubby, I think the antelope is brown and changes direction without being a flat out contrast. They are all lovely and everyone has their own vision, this is just mine!

  4. I actually love the floral rug with the pillows curtains and sofa, but the leather chairs are not sofa enough .. but the antelope is a winner.... that was an excellent photoshop you did!!

  5. If you could get the antelope rug in a different color, you would be all set. I think it's too beige/brown for all the cool colors you have going on.


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