Apartment Patio Outdoor Decor Ideas

I really am trying to get myself into a zen like state by relaxing more since I'm going through a lot personally right now. Life gets overwhelming sometimes, and I tend to retreat offline and onto the couch to cuddle with my boys and watch entirely too much TV. It's fun to escape mentally sometimes since I can't physically escape to Paris or something anytime soon.

Another thing I like to do to escape the chaos in my head is to get outside and enjoy the sunshine! Living by the gulf means there's plentiful sunshine and breezy days, but since we've moved to the apartment, I'm not outside as much as I'd like. I really miss our huge acre of land and gorgeous backyard from our former Beeville home, and while we did bring some outdoor furniture to enjoy our (fairly large 6x15) apartment patio, we haven't actually spent anytime out here.

Decor ideas and inspiration on how to maximize style and space in a small space or apartment patio with some gorgeous finds from Walmart.

And to make matters worse, I packed up all of our outdoor pillows and put them into storage... #fail I guess I kind of had to splurge on some new stuff, right?

The Best Renters' Hacks for the Living Room

Hi everyone! Sorry for my absence—life’s been a bit hectic, and I’ve been taking time to unplug and be more “present” with friends and family. Visited my mom this past weekend in San Antonio, and my father-in-law’s tumor has shrunk to a 1/3 of its original size since the cancer treatments started. My whole life perspective has changed in 2017. Family is everything, seriously y'all.

What hasn’t changed is living in the apartment (7 more months to go!), and truthfully I’ve lived longer in apartments than I’ve lived in a house, and I’ve learned a few things. Today I’m sharing my top 3 renters’ hacks for the living room as part of a series developed by Kathy from Up ToDate Interiors. She is a MASTER of making a rental look magazine worthy, and I love keeping up with her adventures as she lives abroad in Japan.

We’ve been in this apartment for 5 months, and there’s been a few things I’ve done that have made this space feel chic and cozy. All of these ideas are definitely renter friendly and can be looked at as small space solutions. 

Tip 1: Use appropriate sized furnishings

In the house, we had a huge sofa that we sold before we moved, and we opted to keep the Chloe sofa from Macy’s (no longer sold, but this one is nearly identical and under $500!) that had been used in our former dining room for our apartment rental. It’s small scale measurements, but large scale style, make it a great piece for our very small living room.

Apartment and home decor tips and ideas that are renter friendly and perfect small space solutions.

Lots of companies are embracing the “tiny” movement in terms of homes, so you can find smaller sofas at places like Pottery Barn and CB2. However, Target, Overstock, and Wayfair also have super affordable options.

Picking a properly sized furniture piece like a sofa for a rental space can give you more room, style and options for how to arrange your space. So, if you have a large piece of furniture and you’re moving into a tiny rental, you may consider selling it to buy something more to scale.