Gorgeous Blogger Homes Under 1600 Square Feet

I know a "small" house is a relative term, but lately I've been thinking about our next house. In Beeville, we bought a house in the lower/mid $100's, and ended up with a 1906 square foot fixer upper on nearly an acre that we fixed up room by room for over six years. We sold it, made our investment back and are saving those funds for the down payment on our next home.

Naturally, I've been scouting the local market here in Corpus, which is a city by the bay, and real estate is a bit more pricey (as are the taxes/insurance/flood insurance/windstorm insurance).

But one thing is for sure... I refuse to be house poor!

So, I've been looking at what we could comfortably afford (because Monica wants a vacation or two each year) and what that would get us...and let's just say it's small(ish). It'd be about a 1500-1600 square foot house, newer construction, good location/schools. Smaller master, smaller living room, no formal dining room, small lot size kind of thing. Still perfectly large enough for me, D and PW though, and we're always grateful for what we have. <3

Given the fact that we'd most definitely be downsizing if we chose to stay/buy here, I decided to look for bloggers who live in homes less than 1600 square feet AND also blog about it. I thought I'd end up with a few responses, but I was AMAZED at the flood of responses I got. And let me tell you, these bloggers' homes are stylish, packed with storage and gorgeous features, and showcase how to live large when living small(er).

I've categorized them by square footage below. So, feel free to hop around and look at these beautiful homes and blogs. Hopefully you'll find some new favorites like I did!

If you're a blogger who wants to be added to this list, please email me your square footage, blog link, and a recent blog house tour link (optional). :)

300-500 Square Foot Homes


501-1,000 Square Foot Homes


1,001-1,100 Square Foot Homes


1,101-1,200 Square Foot Homes


1,201-1,300 Square Foot Homes


1,301-1,400 Square Foot Homes


1,401-1,500 Square Foot Homes


1,501-1,600 Square Foot Homes


1,600-ish Square Foot Homes



  1. I'm with you on not wanting to be house poor! And what a great idea to round up bloggers with homes of different sizes so I get ideas from them! Bookmarking this for later! :)

  2. I love this idea so much, thanks for including my Small Home in your list 😍 I can't wait to take a peak at fellow small home bloggers.

  3. What a great post! I am looking for inspiration as well and this is wonderful! Thanks for including Our Crafty Mom! Best of luck with the house search! Would love if you would link up at I know the readers would enjoy seeing that you don't have to live in a mansion to enjoy decorating your home!

  4. I've lived in small and large and I think it all depends on the layout of the floorplan. Small can live big if it is arranged right.

  5. YAAAAAAAAS! Love it! Beautiful homes! So much home inspo here!

    -Anali Martinez (The Nueva Latina)


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