25 Gifts Under $25 for Home Decor Lovers

The holiday countdown is on! I thought I’d put together a cool last-minute holiday gift guide with ideas under $25 for home décor lovers because we are all on a budget right now, right? Some of the items are way under $25 (as low at $10-$15), so there’s plenty of ideas. At the time of publishing, all these were in-stock and available to order with delivery before December 24 as of 12/15.

I chose items based on trends in home décor, popular new coffee table books for those awesome vignettes and shelfies, plus my always present gold décor picks. Luckily the gold/brass popularity doesn’t seem to be waning, and for that I am uber grateful, because otherwise 2016 has been hella rough.

And now for a serious question…am I the only person alive who despises the song Baby, It’s Cold Outside? Seriously, let the woman go inside and quit being a creep, dude. I also hate Santa Baby. However, I could listen to Last Christmas on repeat. All. Day. Long. I don’t discriminate between the Wham! or Glee/Lea Michelle versions. Once bitten and twice shy…

Happy shopping! Items are numbered and the links are below the graphic. Some links are affiliate links- I thank you in advance if you make a purchase!



  1. I'm reading that yellow is making a big comeback for 2017. It is a nice warm color, and lightens up a room. I love your golds. I think of it as a cousin of yellow.


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