Give Back Blog Hop: The Humane Society

I'm proud to take a break from my usual home decor and recipes to spotlight a cause that is very near and dear to my heart-- animals! I don't shy away from professing my love for Pee Wee on my blog, and during the holiday season I know it's easy to get caught up in gifts, but I also feel the holidays are important for helping others and giving back.

This is why I jumped on board for a Give Back Charity Blog Hop when Brynne from The Gathered Home brought up the idea in one of our blogger Facebook groups. I feel it is important to use our influence and blog platforms to help others, so there's 10 of us showcasing our favorite causes and charities today.

Coca-Cola Funfetti Cream Cheese Holiday Cupcakes

This post brought to you by Coca-Cola® and Dollar General. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Monica Wants It.

With the holiday season in full swing I wanted to showcase a two-in-one recipe and tablescape tutorial designed to save you time and money while still providing a ton of holiday sparkle for your table and tummy!

If you’ve never tried the epic Coca-Cola® Easy as Cake! Recipe which mixes 12 oz. of Coca-Cola® with a box of cake mix, boy you are missing out. It is seriously the easiest recipe on the planet, and you can do this with any flavor of cake mix. I promise you the cupcakes are moist, delicious, and you truly can’t tell the difference from using this method or using the traditional water/eggs/oil combo.

I picked up everything I needed for my cupcakes and tablescape at the Dollar General store around the corner from my apartment, so I was able to easily avoid having to go to the grocery store!

Two ingredient Coca-Cola and Funfetti Cream Cheese cupcakes! These are seriously festive and easy to make.

Here’s what you need to create my very festive and merry funfetti and cream cheese cupcakes:

25 Gifts Under $25 for Home Decor Lovers

The holiday countdown is on! I thought I’d put together a cool last-minute holiday gift guide with ideas under $25 for home décor lovers because we are all on a budget right now, right? Some of the items are way under $25 (as low at $10-$15), so there’s plenty of ideas. At the time of publishing, all these were in-stock and available to order with delivery before December 24 as of 12/15.

I chose items based on trends in home décor, popular new coffee table books for those awesome vignettes and shelfies, plus my always present gold décor picks. Luckily the gold/brass popularity doesn’t seem to be waning, and for that I am uber grateful, because otherwise 2016 has been hella rough.

5 Decor Must Haves for a Cozy Holiday Space

This is the best time of year to make your spaces at home cozy so you can unwind after the hustle and bustle of the holiday season (nights by the fire, anyone?), and today I'm sharing five must-have items from the Better Homes and Gardens line exclusively at Walmart stores and (the website has a lot of online only items that are fab!)

I truly love this partnership and adore the style and quality of all the stuff I have bought. This post contains affiliate links- thanks for your support!

These five cozy items will make any space better whether it be a living room/den, bedroom, office or breakfast nook. I opted for the living room since it's the only room in the apartment with a decent amount of furniture right now. We're moving in our stuff finally this Saturday, so I'll have rooms to decorate again. I'm elated.

Cozy Must-Have #1: Tufted Ottoman

Five must-have decor and accent items for cozying up any space in your home. These items work well in small or large spaces for any home.

I've been using my bench as a coffee table, which has worked OK, but with the tree and other items it doesn't leave much room for walking around. That's why I opted to invest in a round oversized tufted storage ottoman (they also carry this same ottoman in other colors). Now I have a multi-functional coffee table, ottoman AND storage. 

Five must-have decor and accent items for cozying up any space in your home. These items work well in small or large spaces for any home.

People sitting on the sofa or the loveseat bench have easy access. It's empty currently, but I envision storing board games, DVD's and extra throws in the ottoman.

Five must-have decor and accent items for cozying up any space in your home. These items work well in small or large spaces for any home.

I must say this ottoman is massive. I read the dimensions prior to ordering it online, and I was still happily surprised at how beefy it was for under $100. It would also look amazing in a walk-in closet.

Eclectic Holiday Decor Tour

I’m back and it’s time to showcase my 2016 Winter Eclectic Holiday Home Tour! Apartment living has really forced me to embrace my eclectic side since the spaces are small, and I only brought certain pieces of furniture over from the house. So whether they work together or not, they’re going to be together. I showed you all a bit of my living room when I first moved in, and since then I’ve made quite a few changes!

An eclectic holiday tour of a small apartment space decorated for Christmas! The black, white, gold and silver touches are gorgeous.

Before I dig in though, I’d like to give a shoutout to the hostess of this fab blog hop, Jess from Domicile 37. And if you’ve landed here thanks to my friend Rachael's blog, This Is Our Bliss, welcome! Pull up a chair, grab some cocoa and enjoy.

Ok, so back to the layout. Ultimately I chose this apartment because it had separate living and dining areas…and I use the word “areas” loosely because both spaces are still small compared to my house. The position of the TV was driving me nuts because I couldn’t see it when I was in the kitchen, so I moved it to the wall adjacent to it, and GASP…I covered up a window, which to some is a cardinal sin. I’m sorry. I figure my wall of curtains creates a wall of sorts, so I’m cool. 

An eclectic holiday tour of a small apartment living and dining space decorated for Christmas! The black, white, gold and silver touches are gorgeous.

This meant I had to switch around my sofa, too, for optimal Netflix bingeing. I still need to do a post about my whirlwind of emotions after the Gilmore Girls revival. #NotMyRory

An eclectic holiday tour of a small apartment living and dining space decorated for Christmas! The black, white, gold and silver touches are gorgeous.

My Home Style: Glam & Glitz Christmas Tree

Happy Hump Day, friends! I’m counting down till the weekend, are you? This year I had epic plans for totally different Christmas tree décor, but this whole moving thing kind of put a damper on things, so I decided to stick to my fave black, white, gold and silver color scheme. It always looks so classy, and it’s a no fail color scheme. I’d love to thank Stephanie from Casa Watkins Living for inviting me to this tree hop and giving me an excuse to deck the halls in my apartment. And a warm welcome to those of you coming from Farmhouse 40— I’m so happy you’re here!

Tips for creating a beautiful, glam and chic black, white, gold and silver Christmas tree for your holiday decor!

The most obvious thing about my Christmas tree décor style is the color palette, but there’s a few other key décor accessories that I include in any Christmas tree regardless of the color. I’ll highlight those things in this post so you too can have a glam, glittery and dramatic Christmas tree in your home.

DIY Gourmet Foodie Gift Wrap Tutorial

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #HoneyForHolidays #DonVictorHoney #CollectiveBias

Today I have a quick and easy DIY tutorial to spruce up a store bought food item to look more festive and polished for gift giving. These types of gifts are great for teachers, neighbors, co-workers, or as hostess gifts if you get invited to someone’s home over the holidays. My foodie item of choice is the Don Victor® Orange Blossom Comb Honey Globe Jar from Walmart. I bought myself one and I picked up an extra to have on hand as a last-minute hostess gift this holiday season.

Creative gift idea plus DIY wrap tutorial for foodie gifts under $10!

It’s a great gift for nearly anyone because honey can be used for baking, for tea lovers, for oatmeal/yogurt or even for those pesky winter sore throats. And with January fast approaching, honey is a great sweetener for those New Year’s resolution smoothies and overnight oats. Don Victor® Honey is raw and unfiltered, and it's so tasty on biscuits, pancakes and over vanilla ice cream.

The honey itself comes in a gorgeous glass jar and a simple stretchy gold bow that holds the nutritional info card. My goal was to make this a beautiful, gourmet style gift using some common craft supplies such as scrapbook cardstock, adhesive rhinestones, tape and scissors. This comes together in minutes!

My Favorite Eclectic Holiday Ornament

Hi everyone! Today I’m excited to take part in Ariel’s Eclectic Ornament Blog Hop. I had a cool vintage/thrift shop one to share with you which promptly broke as soon as I tried to photograph it. And that’s how the cookie crumbles sometimes.

So, being that as it may, I decided to showcase a DIY ornament I love that is a bit unconventional yet totally inspired by Kate Spade’s fancy schmancy ornaments that cost $28 each…my electrical tape ornament.

Eclectic holiday ornament inspiration

I created this ornament last year (you can get the full tutorial here) and I made 6 of them and they’re so inexpensive to make. I think I made the 6 ornaments for less than $5. The ornaments are from Michael’s and they can sometimes be found in stores for about 60-cents each (plus coupons!), and the gold ornament cap and red ribbon come standard. Electric tape costs under a $1 and comes with plenty of linear feet. All in all, this means if you want to create yourself a designer inspired Christmas tree, you could likely make a bunch of these for about $30.