Shopping for Pin Pals at Marshall's

I’m thrilled to partner with Marshalls (one of my fave stores!) for their Pin Pals campaign. Whenever you go to a Marshalls store, it’s a giant surprise. You never know what fabulous bargains and home decor you’ll find. The same can be said for Pinterest-- everytime I log on there it’s a feast for the eyes in terms of pins and ideas. The thrill of the hunt is what makes Pinterest and Marshall’s so much fun.

For the Pin Pals campaign, I’m sending three Pinterest followers a surprise package curated with fun items I personally shopped for at Marshall’s based on what they pinned on Pinterest. Essentially, I’m taking the #MarshallsSurprise to them.

I enjoy shopping for myself (who doesn’t?), but trying to figure out what my Pin Pals would love from Marshalls based on their Pinterest boards/pins was an amazing and gratifying experience. I headed to Marshalls with gift cards in hand to shop. I studied my Pin Pals’ Pinterest boards for a long time in the days leading up to the shopping because I really, really wanted to choose items that they’d love and use.


And the fun thing about shopping at a store like Marshalls is the thrill of the never know what you’ll find in store for yourself or others.

Decorating an Apartment Living Room

Happy Tuesday, friends! So, I've made it a whole month living in Corpus Christi. YAY. As you all know, I left my stressful job and it was the best decision for my mental health. I am loving my new employer, bosses, colleagues and work. It's nice to not be stressed to the point you think you're having a heart attack.

I realized I hadn't shown you all my new apartment yet, so I thought it'd be cool to share it with you all. For the most part we wanted to keep the house staged, so very little furniture came with me over here. It feels a bit empty.

Ideas for decorating a living room in an apartment or rental home. Such glam, feminine decor!

Ideas for decorating a living room in an apartment or rental home. Such glam, feminine decor!

The first week of this transition, I cried all week. Then weeks two-three I kind of started acclimating a bit more to this new normal, and last week I finally felt like my true self, so I started decorating a bit with some things I brought with me from the house and a few purchases. In week five now, and I am ready to get this place decorated!

Glam Fall Decor Finds at Hobby Lobby

I'd like to thank the kind folks at Hobby Lobby for sponsoring this post. My obsession with all things fall at Hobby Lobby is my own as are the opinions expressed in this post.

I LOVE fall decor, and now that I live in Corpus Christi I have access to not one, but TWO Hobby Lobby locations. One is on my way home from work, so I stopped by earlier this week to check out their fall decor for the apartment in an effort to get off the highway during rush hour. I love shopping at Hobby Lobby - it smells good, the staff is friendly and it's so relaxing to enjoy all the decor.

Even though I am not living in the house anymore, it's really important to me to decorate and make this temporary living situation feel more like a home.

I really love to buy fall decor that has a bit of a glam factor (think black, white and gold mixed with a few traditional/timeless pieces), so today I'm sharing my top eight glam fall decor finds from Hobby Lobby. Their weekly ad always has great sales, so make sure to check it out to see what's on sale that week and snag their weekly coupon (which you can access and use on any mobile device!)

1.) Fall Garland: I love a good garland because it's versatile. Use it on a mantle, over a mirror or piece of art, or lay it over a buffet for a chic look. I love the way this garland is used over a hall tree.

Glam Fall Decor Finds at Hobby Lobby

The details in this garland and the warm colors make this a good decor choice that'll last throughout the years and trends.

Glam Fall Decor Finds at Hobby Lobby

5 Things to do Before Selling Your House

Well. I don't have any fabulous news to report from our house selling saga. Our agent put together an agent's open house last Friday that was very well attended thanks to her aggressive promotional efforts, and we got great feedback that the house is gorgeous, well updated, priced right, etc. but still no offers or much foot traffic. We removed more accessories, and honestly, we'll just outright start packing stuff soon.

And here's a cute photo of Pee Wee and I because I miss him and love this photo. Moving on.

We had some buyers over the weekend look at our house twice in the span of 48 hours, but one family decided they needed a larger house with a mother-in-law's suite and the other got pre-approved for an amount considerably less than our price. It is what it is. Our agent is marketing it as much as she can, so we wait.

Now, I think part of the problem is that we're selling a house in a small town (<12,000 people) during a recession. The oil boom hit big in our area a few years ago, and we likely could have sold our home for more than we could imagine doing so right now. Unfortunately, that oil money has left town. I truly am realizing this is going to take longer than I thought or want.

Rustic Glam Fall Floral Tablescape

It's time for fall tablescapes and centerpiece ideas thanks to my collaboration with Better Homes and Gardens, which is available exclusively at Walmart (both in-store and online).  Affiliate links are used in this post - thanks for your support!

Today I have a beautiful, glam and colorful rustic tablescape filled with wood accents, gorgeous dinnerware, florals and a huge floral pumpkin. 

A rustic glam fall floral tablescape featuring a bold floral pumpkin centerpiece, acacia wood chargers, black and white striped dinner plates and leaf salad plates paired with vintage gold flatware. A colorful, metallic glam look perfect for any fall dining table.

What makes a great tablescape that is Instagram or Pinterest worthy? Honestly, I believe it comes down to color, florals, texture, unique dinnerware and a glam factor. I tend to think of it in terms of layers/sections-- I need something beautiful for the center of the table and I want each place setting to be functional and swoon worthy for my guests.

We're Selling Our House and It's Hard

This post may get a bit personal, and I apologize. I know the vast majority of you come here for decor and DIY ideas, and I love giving them to you. If you couldn't care less about me, scroll down for our listing photos. No hard feelings.

If you want to read on, pull up a chair, grab a drink, and let's do this. As you can see, Pee Wee's Parlor (below) is empty. I brought the sofa and rug to the apartment (which I will show you all soon!) 

The reason we are selling our house is because I got a new job. This is all my fault. Well, maybe not fault, but the reason my husband is looking for a new job when he has a perfectly good one, the reason our house is on the market, the reason we're paying for an apartment and house, and the reason I sleep alone at night without my family is my fault. My choice. My doing.

I'm uprooting our family 80 miles away to new city for my mental health and work/life balance, ultimately. I decided my mental health was worth the sacrifice of leaving a home I loved, a town I loved and living away from my husband and Pee Wee for about 2 months.

I don't regret my decision per se, but I want to stop feeling guilty about being so selfish in making this decision. All that is happening and stressing me out in my life is my own fault.