I Got a New Job

I got a new job yesterday. It's what I've been wanting for months, maybe years. Genuinely, I am so honored they selected me out of all the applicants and it's less stress than I have now and allows me to live in a city (Corpus Christi) with a HomeGoods and Target (because, priorities...) instead of a small town with two Dollar Generals.

So, then why am I up at 5:45 am on a Wednesday, sick to my stomach, crying in my home office?

How to Decorate a Small Foyer

Thanks to Cost Plus World Market for kindly providing the gorgeous, shiny things for this makeover. Affiliate links are used in this post.

My teeny tiny foyer has been in a sad state. I painted it a few years ago, added that DIY custom built corbel floating shelf, and then promptly neglected it since then. That light fixture has been a thorn in my side, too. So ugly. And the vacuum was just there all the time for no reason. 

How to decorate a small foyer space. Love her use of gold, metallic neutrals and helpful DIY home decor tips.

The space is small, and technically only the left half of it is usable since the door has to open. While small spaces definitely have their challenges when it comes to decorating, it is achievable if you take a top to bottom approach to maximize decor opportunities AND function. You have to have both form and function when decorating a small space.

That meant I needed a new light fixture (top) and a new rug (bottom) plus some accessories in between to tie it all together. I chose to snag all my decor items from Cost Plus World Market's Super Natural collection.

I ended up going with the Brass Starburst Collin Chandelier. It makes a BIG impact in the space and provides plenty of light due to its nine (yes, 9!) bulbs. Lighting is a great way to make a statement in a small space -- think of a bold table lamp or oversized floor lamp. In my case, I went for retro glam and mega style.

How to decorate a small foyer space. Love her use of gold, metallic neutrals and helpful DIY home decor tips.

Inspired by DIY: Jonathan Adler Futura Feathers Vase

Sorry for my absence...I've discovered the Gilmore Girls, and Daniel, Pee Wee and I are OBSESSED. Why on earth didn't I watch that show given that I was the same age as Rory while the show was airing?

I'm totally going to throw a Gilmore Girls revival party when the Netflix episodes come out. I'm on season two, and I hope and pray that Lorelai ends up with Luke. I mean, it HAS TO HAPPEN, right? (Don't tell me!!)

But back to today's Inspired by DIY post...this month's designer is Jonathan Adler (whom I've written about before because his stuff is amazeballs!) I had my heart set on redoing these coasters (and failed), this picture frame (also a fail), and finally nailed it on the third try. I recreated the Futura Feathers Vase for about $5. Yup, $5. It's a $298 vase, and that simply will not ever happen. Ever.

As always, thanks to Jess for creating this challenge! It's so much fun challenging myself to DIY a fancy schmancy item for less. #skills

Recreate the $298 Futura Feathers Vase for about $5-$10 with this super easy DIY tutorial inspired by Jonathan Adler. The black and gold colors look chic!

The supplies are affordable, and if you don't have a craft cutter, you could totally freehand/trace some feathers onto vinyl and cut them out manually. Personally, I dusted off my 6 year old Silhouette SD that is still operational due to its once a year usage.

Navy & White Master Bedroom Refresh

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Better Homes and Gardens at Walmart. My genuine love of their products is all my own. <3 Affiliate links are used in this post.

When you hear the words “modern farmhouse” you likely do not think of my blog, but that being said, I do have a special place in my heart for the all-white bedding and lived in/everyday luxe vibe prominent in modern farmhouse bedrooms.

White paired with navy is my jam lately, and I love a good metallic to shake things up, so I gave our master bedroom a mini-facelift with my take on modern farmhouse décor.

A master bedroom gets a modern farmhouse touch with the addition of some navy, white and damask bedding, curtains and decor. A simple room refresh.

The Better Homes and Gardens line, available exclusively at Walmart and, has a large, stylish and affordable line-up of bedding options. We were in desperate need of a new comforter—our old one was flat, not very soft/cozy and was pilling after five years of use. I ended up buying us the Better Homes and Gardens Down Fusion Comforter in a king size, and it is divine.

Must Have School Supply Items from Target for the DIY Blogger

A huge thanks to Target for asking me to collaborate with them to showcase the fab school supplies they have right now and for sponsoring a $200 Target gift card giveaway! Affiliate links are used in this post.

I know the month of August can be stressful for parents getting their kids ready for back to school, but let's not forget to bask in the awesomeness that is school supplies. I cannot get enough school/office supplies, and this time of year at Target is like Christmas for me.

I went shopping and ended up with a ton of goodies for my DIY crafts and home office. Also, I'm giving away a $200 Target gift card (details at end of post) for YOU to get some back to school goodies.

As a DIY blogger, I appreciate this time of year because I buy school supplies to amp up my DIY arsenal with paint markers, twistable colored pencils, magnet letters/paper, printer paper, paper cutters, and colored pens galore for my planner.

I saved money on my purchases using Target's Cartwheel app which has back to school deals now through September, plus you can get a free $5 Target gift card when you buy $30 worth of school supplies or $10 when you spend $50.

A glam and gold home office featuring office supplies and decor from Target. The gallery wall is functional and pretty!

The home decor lover in me loves incorporating beautiful and functional school supplies in my home office to be more organized. I've had this empty wall in my office, and I've been wanting a gallery wall for awhile, but I also wanted a marker board and cork boards to organize my projects and ideas.

This Isn't So Easy: My Weight Watchers Progress Report

Remember that post I wrote about how I easily lost 25 pounds in 100 days on Weight Watchers?

Well, apparently I spoke too freakin’ soon.

This will be a Weight Watchers update post, so if you’re here for pretty home décor, you’ll want to come back Monday when I share my office space gallery wall. If you want to hear about my gluttonous summer, carry on.

I was going along on Weight Watchers, minding my business and my points, when summer hit. The first week of June I hit 29.6 pounds and I was like, “If I just vehemently sneeze on the scale next Saturday, I’ll hit the 30 pound mark and be one step closer to looking like Jennifer Lopez’ fat, but super pretty, sister!”

4 Reasons to Shop Estate Sales for Home Decor

Hello, friends! I'm here today to share my tips for why you should be hitting up local estate sales for home decor/interior furnishings. Now, I love my usual HomeGoods, Target, World Market shopping, plus the plethora of online shopping, but nothing beats the thrill of the hunt, am I right?

Now, when I say estate sales, I am excluding yard/garage sales. I love those, too, but that's another post. We usually hear of estate sales through the classifieds of our local newspaper, via Facebook resale groups, or driving around town and seeing a sign.

Around here estate sales literally mean almost nearly anything you'd find in a home is for sale, and they usually involve going into a home and getting to go room-by-room to browse. This has been the case for 8 out of 10 estate sales I've ever been to.

So, why do I love them so much? Here's why.

1.) You find really unique things that you can't find anymore, anywhere else. Stuff is mass produced for the most part in stores, so it's great to find pieces for your home that no one else is likely to have.

Estate sales are great for tableware/dinnerware pieces, heirloom quality furniture, and sometimes even vintage holiday decor. The quality of older pieces of furniture is phenomenal when compared to the average MDF/particle board stuff we see nowadays.

I picked up a pair of these candlesticks for $25. A dust cloth and some Windex shined those crystals right up. I can't wait to use them to create an epic tablescape.

Tips for shopping for home decor/interiors at an estate sale. This gold and marble candlestick is one of the blogger's finds! | via