Movie Awards Show Party Ideas & Recipes

This post is sponsored by The Bentonville Film Festival; while the views expressed here were genuinely mine, consideration was paid to me to produce this post

Anyone who knows me in real life knows I LOVE award shows. From the red carpet fashion to the gushy acceptance speeches to the funny hosts, they're a FUN way to spend an evening. But you know what makes it even more fun...having your BFF's over for some great food, drinks and snacks so you can watch and add commentary and get cocktail refills during commercials.

Oscar movie award show party ideas printables recipes

Today, I have a black tie (or yoga pant) affair party plan for you. I totally realize that hosting a soiree can be intimidating, but my formula for effortless entertaining is this: 50% store bought goodies and 50% stuff I make. Let's party plan!

Sophisticated & Chic Breakfast Nook Makeover Reveal

I've been wanting to publish this ever since I took the photos last Saturday. I am head over heels in love with our breakfast nook. This may be my second favorite space in my home-- my first is my office because it's got my heart and soul poured into it.

A breakfast nook gets a makeover to become a bright, happy, and sophisticated space.

This breakfast nook is where we eat most of our meals. My favorite time in here is during our lunch break during the work week. Pee Wee is usually outside in the backyard, and we can watch him as we catch up on our crazy work days. It's also a beautiful spot in the house to watch sunsets. Pure bliss.

How To Update 1970's Bi-Fold Closet Doors

Hello dear blog readers! Anyone else counting down to the weekend? I know I am. The weekends around here call for lounging on the sofa and getting DIY projects accomplished. Earlier this month, Daniel and I tackled the final major project in our guest room. You may remember that last month we installed a closet system that we are still smitten with, and we finally finished the closet doors. 

A step-by-step tutorial on how to update outdated bi-fold closet doors! The end result is so pretty and timeless.

When we bought the house we inherited the ugly, dark wood hollow core bi-fold doors in the guest room and my office.

DIY Black Painted Lampshade with Gold Liner

Do you all remember those lamps I just simply couldn't get rid of in my KonMari post earlier this month? I'm glad I hung onto them because inspiration struck and I was able to give them a great upgrade and spare the expense of buying even more lamps.

Upgrade those plain white lampshades into black and gold lined beauties using some acrylic paint and gold spray paint. Affordable way to make your current lamps look high-end.

The mirrored lamps were a total steal at Target a few years ago. I bought them for $11 each, and then I bought the shades for about $8 a piece. I am a huge fan of mirrored decor, and I love how these lamps have a distressed quality to them.

I finally pinpointed what I didn't love about them...the plain white shades I bought. Love the shape, hate the color. For the longest time I've been on the prowl for an affordable black lampshade with a gold liner. I haven't found any in stores, and online they run $50+. Not going to happen!

DIY Portable Craft Supply Station

Happy Thursday, friends! If you’ve been reading my posts this month, you all know I am trying hard to keep my home organized and looking its best. So now that I’ve gotten rid of outdated clothes, accessories, paperwork, and home decor, it’s time to get into a fresh and clean mode. There’s nothing better than a clean smelling home.

My home office/craft room is where I work and spend a lot of time when I am at home, and I have a tendency to leave it in disarray after my projects are completed. I’ve revamped and moved a few things around in my office to make myself feel more productive and organized.

I buy a lot of sparkling water (and wine...ok, lots of wine), so the kind folks at the grocery store always put my glass water bottles in a carrier for me. These glass bottle carriers are durable and perfect for storing craft/office/art supplies, but I wanted mine to fit in with my other black, white and gold office storage items.

A great recycle/upcycle project: turn a cardboard drink/wine carrier into a portable craft supply station. Great for homeschooling or children's playrooms. Also looks beautiful in a craft room or office.

Gold Glitter MacBook Case Review

Happy Monday...yay for a 3-day weekend! I've had my MacBook Pro for about a month and a half now, and I love it. I use one at work, but hadn't convinced myself to make the investment to have one for the blog. Now I am wondering why I didn't buy it sooner.

In case you're wondering. I ended up buying it at B&H Photo because they had great prices, no sales tax and free expedited shipping. Amazon has awesome prices, too, but sales tax was the main factor for me.

Need a case for your MacBook? This gold MacBook case from Embri shop is glam and functional. Check out a full review at

One of my first purchases for my MacBook Pro was my gold glitter case from Embri. I looked at what felt like hundreds of cases, and I ended up choosing one that served my desire for form and function. Plus, it had to be gold.

DIY Agate Shadowbox Artwork

Today's post is brought to you by Monica's cheapness. I truly love agate, and there's a plethora of coasters, book ends, and artwork made with the stuff. While at ZGallerie awhile back, I noticed their agate shadowboxes and fell in love. At $99 a piece, it simply wasn't happening. I searched some more online and found a $179 version at Pottery Barn and a $200+ option at Home Decorators.

All the nopes.

agate artwork shadowbox pink

One day I was bored and browsing the Internet when I came upon this tutorial on YouTube. She made some DIY agate coasters and provides STUNNING, realistic looking agate graphics for free to download so you can make them.

Functional & Chic Office Storage Ideas & $100 Giveaway

Happy Wednesday, friends! I'm finally getting into a groove at work (only took me 10 days!), and I think part of my zen feeling is knowing I am being productive and organized while at home. Organized home, organized life.

Functional, chic and affordable storage solutions from the Better Homes & Gardens collection at Walmart that are perfect for a home office or craft room.

My word for 2016 is HUSTLE. That might mean finishing home projects (yay!), answering reader emails, writing/photographing content. As you can imagine, this equates to spending a lot of time in my home office. Or, as I like to call it, Monica Wants It headquarters.

Rugs USA Moroccan Diamond Shag Rug Review

First things first, I bought this rug with my own money and this is NOT a sponsored post.

moroccan diamond shag rug rugsusa

For awhile now, I've looked at our living room rug and HATED it with the fire of a thousand suns. I bought it back in 2011 at Garden Ridge, which is now At Home, for $99 at the height of the trellis pattern craze. I still like the trellis pattern, but after seeing it on everything and's kind meh, amirite? You can see a glimpse of the rug below-- I've avidly avoided including it in pictures.

Kitchen Update: Choosing a Cabinet Color

January 2018 Update: We've since moved from this home after selling it about a year after this post. We never did paint the whole kitchen, but the cabinets we did paint held up beautifully and helped us sell the house for top dollar. We love our new home and I've written about it extensively, including posts about our paint choices, white kitchen and lucite cabinet hardware, lighting selections, and other DIY and home decor adventures

I've been undergoing a kitchen renovation/facelift since August 2015! Catch up on the progress by reading post one, two or three.

Welcome to post #4 of my kitchen renovation! I haven't updated you all with any progress since we really hadn't made any since August. We are so slow when it comes to renovations.

This holiday break, we finally made some strides in the kitchen reno, and I'm excited to show you the progress. Here's a peek (there's more about the cabinets further down in the post).

These gray kitchen cabinets are amazing! This DIY tutorial teaches you how to transform kitchen or bathroom cabinets with milk paint, which requires no sanding or priming.

KonMari Method: Home Decor & Craft Supplies

I've nearly finished reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo, and I know some people might be skeptical about the book or think it's nothing but hokum as Sheldon Cooper would say, but this book has transformed how I view stuff.

I am a rebel though, and I didn't follow directions and start by tidying up clothing like she suggests. Personally, I do not feel I have a major clothing problem, but I do (or did) feel that I had a huge home decor and craft accessories problem. The solution wasn't to buy more storage bins (which is my usual solution). Having so much stuff was truly stressing me out. Clutter was everywhere I looked.

I had nearly every dining room cabinet, hall closet, guest room closet and foyer closet filled with random decor items, pillows, mirrors, frames, wreaths, gift wrap, tissue paper, curtains, vases...SO MUCH STUFF.

Use the KonMari Method to get rid of home decor/craft items that don't spark joy via

We had a garage sale in summer 2015 and I thought I had gotten rid of plenty of stuff, but I was so wrong. 

My Goals for 2016

Happy New Year, friends! Did you have a glamorous and fun NYE? Every year I swear that I will have a glamorous NYE, and yet every year I end up at home in my pj's. I think I'm OK with that more and more as I get older. As long as I am with Daniel and Pee Wee, all is good in the world.

Rather than do resolutions, which are notoriously easy to forget by the end of January, I'm setting goals for myself. After all, who doesn't want to achieve their goals, right?

I've broken them down into two categories: blog & home and life & health. I figured sharing and putting them out here into the universe would make me more accountable.