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DIY Landscaping to Boost Curb Appeal

We are done, we are done! Woo! You saw the progress we had made the last time I posted about this project, and finally it is DONE. And thanks to Spectracide's awesome concentrated weed killing products, I'm confident I won't have weeds soon (and when I do, I know how to quickly get rid of them).

The last time I updated you all, we had essentially cleared out the old and prepped the soil for some gorgeous shrubs. We ended up choosing Japanese boxwoods from Home Depot because of how easy they are to maintain, plus they're a low maintenance kind of shrub/hedge.

At first I bought 12 small boxwood plants, then I ended up going back and buying 8 heftier/larger boxwoods. My tip? Buy shrubs/hedges that are large so you won't be waiting (and waiting) for them to grow.

After that, my hubby dug out a trench for the border to fit snug. To be green and to save money, we simply reused the border that was there.

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Then I marked/spaced out where the shrubs would be planted. The area we landscaped is about 5'x26', so I wanted to make sure they were spaced out evenly. Using a post hole digger and a shovel, we dug holes about twice as large as the root ball of the boxwoods and added in some high quality topsoil mixed in with the native soil (as directed). We also added in some fertilizer to help the process along.

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Then, it's time to start planting! (Here's my hubby switching podcasts or something) I will say I am glad I invested LOTS of time in spacing out the boxwoods properly. It gives it a polished look. We purposefully planted the boxwoods a bit past the center point so we could have enough room to plant annuals or perennials (flowers) in front should we choose to.

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Once all 8 boxwoods were good and planted, we covered the entire area with this landscape fabric (we found it cheapest online versus a big box store). To get the boxwoods through the fabric, I simply cut an X using a utility knife in the general boxwood area (so I had 8 X's) and pushed the fabric down around the base of the boxwood.

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The fabric wasn't wide enough, so we had to cut some additional strips. The landscape fabric is secured to each other/the dirt with some landscaping pins.

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Next we poured 24 bags of red rubber mulch over the fabric. The rubber mulch was quite the investment, but we like that it is an earth friendly product that will last us years and years. There's no way I'd want to replace mulch every year, so this was a well thought out splurge.

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And finally, we are done! I love, love, love it!! I've been thinking and dreaming about this project for years, and I'm so proud of the value and curb appeal it gives our home. I am always proud of my home, but I've always been a bit ashamed at the lackluster exterior.

Not anymore.

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It makes our home look beautiful, cared for, and welcoming. We finally have some curb appeal!

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If you've been considering this sort of project but feel like it's overwhelming and intimidating...don't! If we can do it, you can do it. I'm so proud of our new front entrance area, and I thoroughly enjoy going outside to water the boxwoods and admire our handy work.

What do you think? Does it give my home a curb appeal boost? Here's a quick before & after:

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Now all I need to do is find some outdoor landscape lighting and install my window shutters (and paint the house trim!) It never ends, but DIY projects are a great way to save money and boost your curb appeal.

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  1. One caution on the rubber mulch....the fumes given off of it in hot weather can cause problems if someone has asthma.