Foyer Makeover Plans #MyColorResolution

I hate to even show you all this photo (cringe!!), but here it is:

My ugly foyer. I hate to admit that it’s looked this way since we bought the house in 2010. Same bare white walls, same vinyl/linoleum tile, same dark doors.


We are one of those households where our guests enter through the front door (not through the garage/mudroom entrance), and I want this space to reflect our personality and d├ęcor style. And by our, I mean mine. Daniel just goes along with most of my ideas because, ya know, happy wife, happy life.

In my home, 99% of our paint colors are taupe, gray, beige, greige-ish. This is because we prefer to bring in color via accessories and not have to repaint every year. Well, for the foyer, I am thinking of going bold. I don’t know how bold, but I’d love to not revert to my usual gray color choice.

I guess I am declaring #MyColorResolution for 2014 is to FINALLY bring in a much needed and wanted turquoise/teal wall OR finally bring in that super dark and sultry paint color I lust over often. I am thinking my foyer is definitely the place to do it, right? Go big or go home! The foyer walls aren’t  textured (weird, I know…they’re super smooth), so if I pick the right color of flat paint, my entry way can look SPECTACULAR, y’all.

For my foyer project, I’ll be using the new Emerald line of paint from Sherwin-Williams (my most favorite paint brand ever!), and I am so thankful that they’re sponsoring 2 gallons of paint + supplies for this project. This means I have no excuses! If you’d like to enter to win some Sherwin-Williams paint + supplies for your #MyColorResolution product, you can enter here.

To see what color I end up choosing, stay tuned to my blog! I hope to knock out this project by the end of the month. To see more color resolutions, follow the #MyColorResolution hashtag on Twitter and Instagram. You can also follow Sherwin-Williams at:

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I’ll leave you all with some inspiration photos I’ve gathered from Houzz.

Contemporary Entry by Toronto Interior Designers & Decorators Jodie Rosen Design (The dark vs. light is so stunning and timeless!)

What colors would you choose for your foyer/entryway?

FTC Disclosure: In exchange for this post/project, I am receiving 2 gallons of paint + supplies from Sherwin-Williams.


  1. That would be so much fun! We have an entirely swiss mocha home (bought that way) and I'm doing the accessories route too. But I really want a yellow door...

    1. I love yellow doors! And red doors. I love color, but am usually too chicken to do it myself. I need to realize it's just paint. :)

  2. My home has grey/neutral walls...and two years ago I painted my living room a similar blue to your first inspiration photo. Makes me happy every time I see it. Go for it! It's just paint :)

    1. You're totally right! It is just paint. You've inspired me to take a risk and go bold. :) Thanks, Leah!


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