Turkey Monte Cristo {Low Calorie Recipe}

I was perusing the Paula Deen website a few weeks (probably because I was looking for something to pin on Pinterest) and I came across these lovely turkey monte cristos:


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So then I decided to make my own using some common ingredients that most of you probably have on hand:



For compote:

-12 oz. bag of cranberry




For Sandwich:



-Swiss Cheese

-Butter spray

-Confectioners sugar (optional)

Step 1 is to make a cranberry compote. I made the one by LaaLoosh, and it is absolutely tasty and EASY. Compote to me sounds fancy, but this was so quick and simple to make. And delicious. I’ll mention that it is a Weight Watchers recipe, thus making it low calorie, but it really doesn’t scream DIET FOOD. While my compote was cooking, I toasted 4 pieces of bread on setting 1.5 on my toaster. Once they’re out I laid them on a paper plate and sprayed them with butter so that I could throw them on a pan to get them to have that faux-fried look to them.


Add the turkey and cheese:


At this point I spooned on the compote (about 2 tbsp per sandwich), and then I threw them on a big non-stick pan for about 30 seconds on each side/60 seconds a sandwich (or until cheese is melted).

Dust with confectioners sugar and BAM! (<--- Emeril style!)




Best of all, low calorie:

Bread: 140 calories

Turkey: 60 calories

Swiss Cheese: 90 calories

Compote: 40 calories

Total: 330 calories (you can totally cut the count down by using light bread and light cheese- I had neither on hand this weekend).

Hopefully that will give you some ideas on what to make with your Thanksgiving leftovers!

What are you doing this Thanksgiving- traveling, eating, playing football?


  1. I was nervous at first when I saw Paula Deen. I was convinced they'd be deep fried in butter with a creamy lard dressing, but they weren't! ;) That looks yummy & I'll definitely be trying this out this weekend! Thanks for the recipe :)

  2. This is perfect! Can't wait to try tomorrow for brunch!!

  3. Oh wow...that looks DELICIOUS! And simple. I will have to try it!


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