{Winner, Winner!}

Just wanted to pop on real quick to congratulate the uber lovely Bari on her win! She is the winner of the CSN Stores $45.00 gift card. I will have another giveaway soon, so stay tuned! Hope you all have a fabulous weekend unlike the Texas Longhorns who are losing terribly to Kansas State right now. Sigh.

Oh, and guess what else? Yours truly (ME!) is featured on HGTV’s Holiday Marketplace! YAY! I am seriously obsessed with all things HGTV, so this is a huge, huge honor for me. If you want to check it out, click here or look at the screen cap below.


See it? My wine labels right there towards the bottom? EEK! So psyched!

I’ll be giving away a dozen of those during the week of Thanksgiving in order to show how thankful I am for all you wonderful followers/readers. I’ve had a rough year with many highs and lows, and through it all I am so very thankful for all of you for your kind comments, e-mails and tweets. Seriously- you are amazing and make my life so much brighter.

This weekend, we’re just kind of laying low…playing some Rock Band 3, using our new riding lawn mower, and lounging around. I have felt inspired to take pictures lately, so I wanted to share some with you all. I am finally shooting in mostly manual mode and really striving to take great SOOC shots. SOOC=straight out of camera= little-to-no processing/editing with Photoshop. Enjoy!






Have a beautiful, fun and safe weekend!


  1. Thanks for the gift card, my dear! I will make sure it goes toward something awesome.

    Huge congrats on your HGTV link!!!

  2. ok i think my favorite picture was of your hubby on the mower. he looks so happy haha!

  3. I want to drive the mower and pet PW!

    Can you see me doing cart wheels for you being featured on HGTV? I swear, I am doing them.


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