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Another lunch hour adventure.

I think I should start a lunchtime adventures series, but as soon as I do that I’ll probably not be able to go anymore, so I’ll drop that idea. My co-worker/friend canceled our lunch date (again…no, not annoyed…yeah, I am) soooo…I didn’t feel like driving home. I decided to check out the new/recently re-opened Full Circle Antiques (FCA) shop here in Beeville. Living in a small town sucks on most days, but then on other days it is a huge blessing because I can go to USPS, FCA, a random resale shop, and Subway all in 1-hour. JOY!

The last time I went to FCA was probably over a year ago when it was still managed by an old lady and her cat. Wait, actually I think it was ran by the cat because all the signs were in reference to, you guessed it, the cat. “Don’t touch the cat!” or “Don’t pet the cat!” and even “If the cat doesn’t like you we reserve the right to refuse service.”

Alright. Seeing as how I am allergic to cats, I remember smiling and leaving. Heaven forbid the cat deemed my allergic issues unacceptable and like scratched my ankles or something like that. Safety first. Always.

Recently though, it’s under new management.


Yup, you can make an appointment to get your house cleaned all while looking at antiques. Makes sense, plus you know the store has gotta be clean! Below is the upstairs portion- lots of interesting stuff.


This pitcher and bowl was only $9.99 for the set.


Lots of old books. The flea market decorating had lots of great photos, and it didn’t look too old. It was $8, and I found it at in case you’re interested. It’s from 2000.


Tealight chandelier- $35.00


I absolutely LOVE this lamp. LOVE! It was half off, so the price was $30.00. I almost bought it right then and there. The shade is huge, and I have visions of trimming it in other colors to make it match our living room. I don’t think Daniel would like it at all though. Probably not. I also would definitely restain/spray paint the wood- maybe black or espresso?


Jergens lotion milk glass bottle. I think it was $10 and it has to be old, right?


White chandelier- $25.00


No clue what this is, but I like it.


This frame/picture was only $25. The picture itself is fugly, but I want the frame itself for a project like the one seen here. It is the perfect shape, but I think the $25 is a bit steep, and the owner was not budging. Oh well. It’s not meant to be!


I puffy heart this beveled mirror below. I think it was $60? Pretty sure. I would love this above our sofa in the living room. It would give off extra light and create an airy feeling. I wonder if I could DIY something like this…? If I bought it with my Etsy money, I would most definitely paint the trim/frame a different color. Probably a deep brown or maybe black.


That’s about all I saw at FCA that caught my eye. Then I went over to a resale shop right down the road. Nothing too amazing there, but I did see a few items. A set of white canisters- they say Flour, Sugar, and Tea. The set was $20. I may have bought them if the cover wasn’t made of wood.


And jute covered ANYTHING seems to be popular right now, and while these vases are NOT jute, they remind me of the overall look.


Both of the stores I visited said they get new items daily (wowee!), so I will definitely stop by again sometime! I didn’t buy anything today, I was good. Both places had unique items, but some were way overpriced and others just didn’t quite fit into my decor ideas.


  1. I wish I could be in Beeville for your lunch hour. Some of that stuff was waaay overpriced.

  2. don't you love lunch hour adventures like this?! your comment on my blog cracked me up! thanks for the comment and for making me smile! if i find a green mirror like the one i have, i'll be sure to send it your way!

    stop by again!

  3. me again! okay, so the fabric on the little chair is one i found at a discount fabric store in town. i looked on the side and saw the brand was Braemore, googled it, and....I found it online! Here is the link!


  4. Ooooh, I definitely think you NEED that mirror! $60 is not a bad price for one that size.