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Goodwill Tuesdays!

I didn’t get to go to Goodwill this past Tuesday, but I did go LAST Tuesday, and I didn’t find anything to buy. I don’t want to become all compulsive and buy things all the time, so I have tried to tell myself I can only buy more stuff when I have projects done. And we want to buy a house in 2 years, so I am also trying to save money instead of spending and spending.

Anyway, while I was there last week, I did come upon the cutest little table. Pre-married/blogging/Nesting/Martha Stewart days, I would have thought it was a piece of crap and moved on while thinking about why anyone would possibly want that heinous piece of furniture. So glad I got over myself and have learned that some TLC + a bit of money + time= WOW.

Take this piece of furniture:


It’s got stains and scratches and who knows what else, but you knew what drew my eye to this sucker? The shape! It’s damn cute. I love funky shapes, and I think it’s eye catching and different. It’s good to be different right? And I love the 2 doors that open up the front of it- it’s just unique! Inside the cabinet is a single shelf dividing it up into 2 places to store stuff. Perfect for a scrapbooking room, but if I would have bought it, I think I would have made it into a cute table for a bathroom. Imagine painting it a pretty creamy white color, getting some new knobs/pulls, and it’d be a great bath side table for magazines, books, etc. Love it! Or you could also use it in a living room as a nice resting place for a lamp and a small mason jar full of flowers. Possibilities are endless. Here are some of the things I’d put on this table:


Jewelry tree from Red Envelope


Flowers found via Google Image search.


Candle sticks I have been lusting over from CB2. They’re actually really cheap, I just can’t bear to pay the shipping.

All good ideas to put on the cute hexagon table. I believe this table was $10-$15ish, so not bad at all. I should have bought it. I always do this to myself, right Lauren?

See that brass headboard frame in the background? It was ONLY $5.00. $5!!! You could easily spray paint that almost any color and it’d be great for a guest bedroom. Did I mention it was only $5. I did? It bears repeating, sorry.

Have you found anything at Goodwill lately? I think I may swing by tomorrow since it’s 50% off day and my husband is working.

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  1. Hey Monica,

    FMG here. I just bought two of those crazy shaped little tables with drawers at my Habitat for Humanity ReStore. Love them! They are perfect right next to our couches :)