A big task lies ahead of me.

I went to Goodwill today to drop off a trunk load of stuff- mostly clothes, so I couldn't give it a makeover or anything like that, I kept the useful stuff.

I could have easily dropped off boxes, get into car, drive off, but that's not like me.

So, I went in and poor Daniel got suckered into going in, too.

I saw this beautiful and ugly end table type thing, and what drew my attention to it was that it looked like it had 9 drawers.

See what I mean?

Daniel and I begin inspecting it, and it's real wood that is covered in some heinous crap that we hope to strip off and stain a dark espresso color to hopefully sort of match my desk and bookshelf. My accent table will be turquoise, but other than that, I'd like the furniture to be black/espresso so it doesn't look crappy.

What have I gotten myself into? I don't know, but at $19.99 it was a deal I was not going to pass up since I have a HUGE laser printer and no stand to put it on. I will make this sucker work for me and for my office.

I plan to get new knobs though, and I have a few ideas:

Pretty knobs from eBay for $1.49 each.

Pretty (and pretty expensive) knobs from Anthropologie for $6.00 each.

I am thinking due to cost, I may opt for the eBay knobs, but I think 9 knobs might look too weird. Should I omit the middle knob? Where else do you search for cute knobs at?


  1. Great find! I can't wait to see the end result!

  2. try looking for knobs at restoration hardware - they have some great options :)


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