Office Finds- Etsy Thursdays

Every Thursday I will post about 3 Etsy sellers who have cool stuff for your home office at reasonable prices. I mention the reasonable price thing because sometimes Etsy sellers can be on the expensive side.

Featured Item #1
Expandable Jacket file folders - set of 2
$4.99 plus shipping

These are so cute! If you're not up for DIY, these are an affordable way to keep yourself organized and looking spiffy.
From Etsy seller MistyKristy

Featured Item #2
Aqua Mickey Cubicle Couture Clips PIF
$0.20 for 4 (yes, 4 of them for 20-cents!! WAHOO!!) plus shipping

Soooo stinkin' cute. I love the color, love the Mouse (Mickey that is), love the price.
From Etsy seller lolavalentinos

Featured Item #3
Ribbon Spool/Ink Pad Organizer
$29.95 each plus shipping

Finally someone who understands that crafters like to store things in compact, affordable storage thingies that aren't an eye sore. They offer their items in a variety of colors to fit any color scheme.
From Etsy seller organizemore


  1. you find the best stuff. I love the craft organizer!

  2. Thank you for featuring my file folders. It added a happy surprise
    to my day! :-)


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