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Goodwill Tuesdays

Yeah, I know it's Wednesday.

I'm cool with that because I bought this beauty on Tuesday, so it still fits into my new weekly feature called "Goodwill Tuesdays". I'm so creative, huh? Fierce, even.

I have never really been a huge fan of thrift stores because I wasn't smart enough to appreciate them. Now that I am older (24- not really old actually) and a believer in Eddie Ross, I've grown to love garage sales and thrift shops. You never know what you're going to find, and I love trying to make something new out of something old or just finding something unexpected.

Last week I posted about my table find, so this week I went again to see what else I could find.

Feast your eyes on this 99-cent beauty:

She's purdy, huh? Lots of character, I think.

I love the pretty circles around the rim. So beautiful and smooth. I love the aerial view of this beauty.

I plan on putting my find on the table I found last week. I should fill it with yummy chocolates or a simple votive candle. Can you think of anything else I could use this for?

I also forgot about another 2 things I bought at Goodwill last week during the same trip.

A beautiful 99-cent butterfly:

It's made of milk glass! I just about did a cartwheel when I saw this. Placed on a table, this butterfly could be the perfect spot to place my earrings and rings when I get home and am lounging in my office. I am notorious for leaving my baubles all over the apartment (sorry Daniel).

Another option would be to hang it on the wall since it does have holes on the back to thread some bright ribbon through (maybe a braid of turqouise, hot pink, and lime green ribbon?). I could then buy the following wall decal from Etsy seller enoughsaid and it'll look like the bird is going to the butterfly. Simply beautiful!

And to round out my Goodwill finds, I had to find something to create my Eddie Ross plate wall. I found a cute scrolly turqouise plate at Goodwill for 69-cents.

I bought a round mirror to put in the center at Dollar Tree for $1.00, and I will stick it on with the red terrifically tacky tape from Wal-Mart. Now I just have to find plate hangers (where do I find these contraptions?!) and some more plates, and I am well on my way. Did that rhyme? Sorta did.

What sort of stuff do you look for at Goodwill?

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  1. Oh, I love Goodwill and garage sales, especially estate sales. That's where I find most of my vintage jewelry.