Etsy Thursdays (on Friday for this week...)

Featured Item #1
Blue Chandelier Switchplate Cover
$5.00 plus shipping

A nice way to add a small pop of color to a wall. It would also be cool to maybe add some jewels to the design to bling it up.
From Etsy Seller Funky Chicken Design

Featured Item #2
Vintage Embellished Magnetic Paper Clip
$8.00 plus shipping

This would match perfectly with my Pier 1 Imports magnetic chalkboard. Hhmmm. It's so cute, and I could totally see myself using this to hold up a nice black and white photo.
From Etsy Seller Eclectik Funk

Featured Item #3
Printable and EDITABLE - SWIRLS Recipe Card and MINI Folder - Type or Paste Recipes into PDF - No Writing Needed
$10.00 total (no shipping cost- digital file)

I have been looking for something like this for awhile now...actually ever since I started religiously reading Taste Spotting, I have starred/saved a lot of recipes. Rather than print them out and have them all disorganized, I have been looking for something like this to use. I think it's a bargain, and you could even give out some as gifts. Perfect for the budget DIYer.
From Etsy Seller Whisker Graphics

And as a bonus, I would totally put the items I print from item #3 into this Martha Stewart Recipe Box.

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  1. I love it all (of course, as we have such similar tastes!).


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