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Monday, February 23, 2015

Gold & White Console Table Furniture Makeover

I’ve really gotten into a groove on working on projects for my new home office. I’ve really tried hard to not buy anything new—I’m forcing myself to revamp furniture I’ve had that maybe needs a second life. One of my many new year’s resolutions is to buy less, spend less.

We’ve had this $98 console table from Walmart since about 2008 when we were still living in the apartment. It served us well there, but it has never quite fit in here in the house. So, with my husband’s blessing and a healthy dose of cynicism on his part that this idea would not turn out well, I got to work.

I got a little overzealous and forgot to take a true before pic, so here’s as close as it gets (drawers have already been removed):

A dated cherry console table gets made over into a glam white and gold office table. Check out the details at

I won’t do a full run down on how I painted the piece because there are plenty of awesome tutorials already out there, but I’ll give you the highlights:

-Lightly sanded the console table to get the varnish off

-Primed console table and drawers with my favorite primer: Zinsser’s Spray Paint Primer

-Spray painted 3 coats using Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch Gloss White Spray Paint (6-Pack) 249090

-Used my most favorite gold spray paint from True Value on the drawers  (3 coats)

-Used polycrylic in a gloss finish to seal the console table

-Used a spray paint gloss sealer to seal in the gold on the drawers

And I was done! Because I wanted to do this right and not have any issues, this was a two weekend project. I love the way it all turned out and I took an extraordinary amount of photos to show it off.

Here she is all moved into the new office space (wall color: Sherwin Williams, Peppercorn)

A dated cherry console table gets made over into a glam white and gold office table. Check out the details at

And here she is with all her accessories! I’ll list product sources under the photos. :)

Curated accessories in varying colors and patterns really make this office space unique and glamorous.

Canister  |  Letter Holder  |  Similar Knobs (Mine were clearance from Target 3 years ago)

A dated cherry console table gets made over into a glam white and gold office table. Check out the details at  

Lamp & Shade: Target clearance circa 2008  |  Mirror: Thrifted ($8)

Inexpensive accessories can help make a statement when paired together. Get more ideas at

Paper Clips: Nate Berkus @ Target  |  Pens & Pencils: $1 Spot @ Michael’s

Business meets glamour in this stylish home office with chic accents, fun colors and lots of glam.

Box, Globe & Candles: Home Goods  | Biz Cards: Zazzle  | Biz Card Holder: Office Max

Lining drawers with contact paper is an inexpensive way to make furniture look more high end and beautiful.

I decided to line the drawers with damask contact paper I bought at Target for $6. Best. Decision. Ever. Super time consuming, but it brings me joy every time I open a drawer. Swoon!

Black and white damask contact paper really pops in this gold and white console table makeover. Anything looks chic against this backdrop.

Zebra Dish: Francesca’s  |  Earrings: Charming Charlie

Black and white damask contact paper really pops in this gold and white console table makeover. Anything looks chic against this backdrop.

Some simple acrylic trays from Dollar Tree keep my random craft supplies organized.

Armillary spheres add a bold, classic and timeless look to any space. This one from World Market is a beautiful accessory in Monica Wants It's home office makeover.

This armillary sphere from World Market is one of my fave things in this room.

Organization can be functional and beautiful. Magazine holders by Nate Berkus for Target.

Magazine Holders: You can’t tell in this pic, but in addition to the lining and plate being gold, there are gold threads in the fabric, too.

Curated accessories in varying colors and patterns really make this office space unique and glamorous.

^If you look closely at the pic above, you can see a preview of another DIY tutorial (hint: look in the mirror!)

I love it. I truly do, and I am usually not a huge fan of painting furniture, but I think I did a  great job on this piece and it was worth the work. It provides ample storage for stuff I need as well as decor pieces I want to display.

The gallery wall behind it is a bit of a work in progress. I’m really loving that mirror there though—with the lamp on I feel it bounces a TON of light. At night, it feels a bit glam when I am working. It’s truly my happy space. I wish my 8-5 pm office was this nice! A girl can dream.

Right in front of my white and gold console table is my white and gold faux bois sawhorse desk, which was also a DIY painting project. Here’s a sneak peek for now…you’ll have to stay tuned to see the full reveal and tutorial.

Check out this gold and white office from Monica Wants It-- she features lots of affordable DIY ideas.

And here’s one more for good measure. Ya know I love y’all, right? This is the wall to the left of the desk and console—natural light beams in during the day. It makes me feel energized and full of hope when I can see the beautiful sunshine as I work. The florals help bring in pattern, color and some girly glam into the space. If you didn’t read about my curtain mishap, you can read about it over here.

I think it all worked out for the best and these curtains were MEANT for this makeover.

These drapes make a bold statement in a black, white and gold office makeover via Monica Wants It.

What do you all think? Are you liking how it’s all coming together?

I wish I could have you all over for drinks in my new digs. Champagne, anyone?



Friday, February 20, 2015

Striped Curtain DIY Fail: Blogger Confessions

I think sometimes us DIY bloggers make everything look easy. We whip rooms together in a weekend, we post happy progress photos and reveals with pride.

But there’s a dark side to DIY. <insert dramatic music here> There’s the DIY fails we never publish on our blogs and we bury deep inside in our chest of shame.

So I’m sharing one today to keep it real.

I’ve been DYING for black and white striped curtains for my home office makeover. The only ones I’ve found online were on Overstock and they’re now sold out (please come back in stock, I beg!)


There’s also custom sewn curtain options on Etsy that are SO expensive.

I did what any DIY blogger would do…went on Pinterest, read a bunch of tutorials to come up with a tutorial that was right for me.


There are plenty of bloggers that have done this and succeeded, and I think I went wrong in using the very thin Vivan curtains from IKEA. They’re essentially paper. I also used Mod Podge on the painters tape edges to “seal” in the edges so paint wouldn’t seep under (a Pinterest tip that proved to be a not so good idea). This was also a bad idea because the black paint didn’t really take on the fabric that had Mod Podge on them.

Paint bled through the tape. I needed to buy way more black paint and textile medium than I could have imagined. The paper I put under the curtains to keep paint off my table STUCK TO THE CURTAINS. It took FOREVER to dry. Curtains felt crunchy.

Hot. Mess.

See for yourself:


At a quick glance, you’re like, those look fab! Then you look closer and you see the splotchy edges from the Mod Podge, the dabs of paint that got through the tape.

I wasted about 4 hours and $20 on this one panel, and in the end I ended up throwing it all away.

So, back to the drawing board on striped black and white curtains. If you see any, help a girl out, k?

I decided that although my home office vision includes lots of black/white stripes with gold polka dots, a bold floral would add a chic, bright, feminine pattern that would liven up the space. Here’s a sneak peek:

Monica Wants It: Home Office Makeover Sneak Peek

Still can’t help but to lust over striped curtains. Sigh! I’ll be posting a lot about my home office in the next few weeks because I have a two major furniture makeovers, DIY artwork, plus some fun staging advice I want to share with you all.

My latest post for True Value is up on their blog and it showcases the black, white and gold gallery wall I created for my foyer. Here’s a preview and to see the rest, head over to the True Value DIY Squad Blog!


Be back soon, xoxo!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Week 2-3: Monica Wants Fit Check-In

Ugh. 2015 is KICKING MY BUTT.

In 2015, so far this is what’s happened:

  • We had to have our septic tank pumped again at the cost of $400 (second time in <6 months)
  • Pee Wee had a poop accident and the Roomba deployed. Crappy situation- literally.
  • The back-up camera in our vehicle went out, and then started working again (for now)
  • Got really bad news at work
  • We’ve had only 5 days of sunshine
  • I haven’t exercised since January 4
  • I have a terrible cold right now

And that’s not even the worst part. It is with a super heavy heart that I tell you all that my mom’s dog Elmo passed away last Monday. That’s why I didn’t post—it just felt wrong. My mom spent the 3-day weekend here with us in Beeville, and she’s hanging in there, but it’s always such a heartbreaking feeling to lose a pet. He was truly the center of her universe and had been with her through so much. I am happy he’s no longer suffering and going through seizures. I love you forever Elmo.

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 10.38.43 AM

My weight loss report is bleak. During week 2, I lost 1.4. Then during week 3, I gained 1.6.


I meticulously analyzed my calorie consumption from weeks 2 and 3. Week 3 I ate 400 more calories.

Week 2 I ate burgers, beer, and cookies galore while staying under my calories. Week 3 I ate salads, lots of lean protein, and no beer.

What gives? I know this is all just part of the game, and that sometimes this stuff can’t be explained. The last 3-days have been a free for all, so today I am getting back on track…while I’m super sick. I can’t taste much of anything, so perhaps my weekend indulgences will even out.

My challenge is that work is, well work, and I just can’t get the gusto to exercise after a mentally exhausting day. I think I’m going to just try walking a mile a day using my Leslie Sansone DVD. I highly recommend this DVD for those of you who are new to exercising or have a Fitbit and want to get some extra steps in. Each mile I walk earns me around 2K steps on my Fitbit Zip.

My water intake is also sporadic—I have to be very mindful in order to drink enough water. It doesn’t come naturally to me at all whatsoever. The #StopDropandChug hashtag on Instagram helps keep me motivated though. Water is just so boring. I love adding lemons to jazz it up, but I won’t lie…I’m such a Diet Pepsi and Diet Dr. Pepper lover. Oh it’s delicious and awful for me.

Enough of my rambling. With my loss and gain, I’m at a net loss of 4 pounds. My goal is to lose 6 pounds a month, and January isn’t over yet, so I’m going to stay positive and keep on moving forward towards my goal. So happy I didn’t join a DietBet after all. That would have been more stress that I totally don’t need.

This weekend looks like it’ll finally bring sunshine and decent weather so we can finish some of our home projects. Sorry for the lack of DIY lately, but life happens.

What’s happening with all of you? I’ll be back on Thursday with new details about our foyer update!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Week 1: Monica Wants Fit Check-In

Welcome to week 1 of Monica Wants Fit where I chronicle my journey to fit and healthy every Monday. The good, the bad, the ugly…and the occasional donut.

I feel like I’ve been catfishing you all. All my lovely headshot photos on social media are from 2009, which is consequently the last time I felt I looked good in a photo. (With the exception of a cute selfie or 2 from my Vegas trip in December 2013):


^^ Me 20 pounds ago!

I didn’t write about weight loss in 2014 for a good reason—there wasn’t any!

Here’s a rundown of 2014 in the life of Monica’s weight loss journey:

  • I gained about 24 pounds, putting me at my heaviest weight ever and up over 100 pounds since my wedding day in May 2009.
  • I flew 3 times and felt uncomfortable every. single. time.
  • I was/am afraid to go on vacation to a theme park because I’m afraid I won’t fit into the rides.
  • I went up a pant/dress size.
  • I was exhausted just literally standing on my feet for a few hours at a work event to the point of tears.
  • I had zero energy, felt introverted, depressed, angry, bitter.
  • I have INSANE new stretch marks on my upper arms, around my armpit area, and the sides of my stomach on top of all the OLD stretch marks. I will likely never be able to wear sleeveless tops or a bikini. This hurts my heart.
  • I couldn’t squat down without awful knee pain.
  • I drank almost no water daily.
  • I ate out 3-5 times a week, if not more.
  • I drank alcohol almost daily.
  • I vehemently avoided taking photos, giving presentations, shopping, and looking at myself in the mirror.

I figured I’d be real with you all. That up there is a list that would land me an early death.

I’ve been spending a lot of time on Instagram lately and have come across some of the most inspirational before and after weight loss accounts, as well as the accounts of other people in the midst of their journey. That’s when a light bulb went off for me—I don’t have to watch other people accomplish things…I can do it, too. I’ve started and stopped this journey a hundred times before, but I just feel like this might be the time it sticks. I’ve reached a point where I have to do something. It’s bad when you start googling to learn about weight loss surgery. I do not judge anyone who has had weight loss surgery, but I don’t want that for me.

When I’ve done this before, I go CRAZY hardcore for about a month, lose steam, quit. This time, I’m not putting myself on a super low cal diet, I’m not forbidding anything (although I am cutting down on bread/processed sugar a lot), and I’m aiming to workout 5 days a week for at least 40 minutes. My workouts are 3 days of lifting heavy + 2 days of cardio. I’m tracking everything on My Fitness Pal (friend me by clicking here) and chronicling my journey/DIY adventures over on Instagram.

Week 1 for me ended on Friday, January 2, and I lost 4.2 pounds! Yay! I know that sort of weight loss won’t happen each week since it’s a lot of water weight, but I’ll take it for now. My weigh-ins are every Friday morning. I’m also trying to mentally tell myself that the scale isn’t THAT important, so I’ll take measurements at the first of every month.

My challenges this week:

  • Going back to work after 18 days off.
  • Drinking enough water. I’ll do great one day and then slack the next. Consistency is key!
  • Hitting my macros—my carbs are high, so I need to add in more lean protein.

If you have any tips or suggestions or questions, please leave them in the comments section. And if you believe in prayer or good juju, please pray that I have the strength to finish this journey for once and for all.

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