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Monday, July 27, 2015

Living with Less Clutter (and Stuff!)

Hi everyone! This weekend D and I had a garage sale...finally. We've been gathering stuff to sell for a few months, and it really did force me to evaluate what things I needed and what things I needed to get rid of. We went room by room and got rid of stuff we still had from our apartment days, plus we also got rid of some furniture that just didn't fit in with our overall home aesthetic. 

I think sometimes as a DIY/decor blogger, I have a tendency to hoard things like decor, craft supplies, etc. because I may need it or I may be able to repurpose it. I also feel the need to be on "trend" and not use stuff over and over, but I think readers know that I'm not Pottery Barn and don't have access to never ending amounts of home accessories.

Honestly, it felt SO GOOD to get rid of so much. We ended up making over $550 for our Cancun fund in just three hours, so I'd say it was a success. Deep down I know that all that stuff likely cost over $550, so it really forced me to make a change from here on out.

Yesterday D went to a craft beer meet-up, and I drove around Corpus and went to my usual stores: World Market, Target, Home Goods, Kirklands and Marshall's. I saw plenty of stuff I liked, but before buying it I stopped to ask myself if it'd be something that would likely end up in a garage sale next year or the year after. Was it something I'd love in five years? Was I only buying it because it was was the case at Kirklands when I found a candleholder that was $8.97 plus an additional 40% off. 

I'll admit I walked around the store for a good 20 minutes before I finally put the item back in the clearance section and walked out. Maybe a good term would be that I am trying to practice mindful shopping. Plus, if you asked me if I'd prefer to buy 20 clearance items worth $200 or use that $200 towards a vacation experience, I'd always choose the vacation.

But, at World Market I fell in love with a side table I had seen online and couldn't live without. I saw the Emerald Harbin Accent Table online the night before and could picture myself loving it in 10 years. Agate will always be something I love, much like my affinity for damask and sparkles.

Emerald Harbin Accent Table from World Market

So, it came home with me for the grand total of $46, which is a bargain. It was half off, plus I had an extra 15% off coupon. I posted about it on Instagram last night (see below). You guys, I can't even explain in words how GORGEOUS this table is. The glass is thick, luxe and has a richness and depth in the colors that makes it a showstopper. The gold is matte and not overly showy. I can't wait to style this with a simple floral arrangement or candles.

Emerald Harbin Accent Table from World Market

I wanted to buy one in each of the colors, but I settled on this emerald/teal one that really pops. My second fave color is the pink (amethyst) one. I'm giving my dining room a tiny facelift, and this side table is perfection. I've lived with VBB (very boring beige/Sahara Desert Sand) in the dining room for 4.5 years, and I want to re-paint the dining room a sultry charcoal color in time for fall decor. I'm leaning towards Kendall Charcoal by Benjamin Moore after seeing it in Dear Lillie's dining room

I'll never completely stop buying stuff for the house, because let's face it, I'm a decor/DIY blogger and love it, but I am trying to be more selective and mindful of what I spend invest my money on. I'd rather have quality over quantity. One thing in, one thing out.

Any of you trying to spend less, have less and live more? Got any tips for me?

Friday, July 17, 2015

Fab Fridays: Dalmatian Spot Print

I know I have a penchant for black and white, but it truly is the best color palette of all freakin' time. At Hobby Lobby last month, I saw even they were hopping on the dalmatian print bandwagon. They have a smorgasbord of pillows, prints, lamps and other stuff that can be easily DIY'd. 

Trendspotting: Black & white spotted dalmatian print via

Below are some of my fave uses of the spotted design trend:

Trendspotting: Black & white spotted dalmatian print via

Trendspotting: Black & white spotted dalmatian print via

Trendspotting: Black & white spotted dalmatian print via

Trendspotting: Black & white spotted dalmatian print via

I think this pattern works fabulously on throw pillows, small spaces such as hallways or powder rooms, and in DIY art prints. Want the look? Here are a few sources:

Trendspotting: Black & white spotted dalmatian print via

Trendspotting: Black & white spotted dalmatian print via

Wall Stencil // $42.95

Trendspotting: Black & white spotted dalmatian print via

Fabric // $9.48/yd.

What design trend are you loving lately?

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Five Tips for Decorating New Spaces

Five tips for decorating new spaces- great ideas that are easy, affordable and apply to nearly any space.

Decorating new spaces is a total thrill for me because it's exciting to source new furnishings, decor and storage. We're in the midst of a busy season where people move to new homes, students move into dorms or when people change up things in their current home to feel "new" again.

I'm so honored to be part of the BHG Live Better Network, and I'll be blogging every other month about the fabulously affordable Better Homes & Gardens line available at your local Walmart or online. I bought all of the items featured in today's post online, and I received them at my door step about 5-7 business days later.

I decided to tackle my office because it still didn't quite feel finished after the reveal I posted two weeks ago. The reason it felt so incomplete is because it was missing the five key components to make a new space function and feel great.

This home office is curated entirely with up cycled, Walmart and other inexpensive furniture/accessories. Functional, beautiful and attainable.

The five components are: rugs, lighting, storage, comfort and accessories. With those five things you cannot fail when decorating a new space, I promise.

I opted for the amazing Serape Shag Rug from the BHG line. It's so funky and unexpected (especially for this traditional girl), plus it helps anchor the space. Rugs can really make a huge impact in a room, especially when you choose to go bold like I did. Plus, they feel great under bare feet. 

The Serape shag rug from the Better Homes & Gardens line at Walmart is so bold and would love amazing in almost any space.

Lighting is paramount to good design, and I know that installing hardwired fixtures isn't possible in places like dorms or apartments, so lamps are your besties. For my purposes I chose this gorgeous desk lamp to give me ample light at night when I am blogging or online shopping. Floor lamps are perfect for reading chairs and table lamps are wonderful for living rooms. 

The color didn't quite do it for me, so I opted to whip out my trusty gold spray paint to make it jive with my office color scheme. Doesn't it look like a super high end lamp now? I love the BHG line, especially since so much is available online-- seriously the selection is so much larger than the in-store offerings and shipping is free if you spend $50.

Make store bought lamps look like their expensive counterparts with some spray paint. This lamp could easily sell for 3 times its price!

Make store bought lamps look like their expensive counterparts with some spray paint. This lamp could easily sell for 3 times its price!

Storage is always a top concern of mine when thinking about a space. Personally, I love functional storage that is out of sight. This rolling cart from the BHG line was the perfect solution to my quandary-- I can wheel it out into the office when I need extra workspace, or I can simply leave it tucked in the closet out of sight. This cart in a kitchen/dorm could serve as a small island/pantry, and it could work in a living room to hide kid's toys and board games. The baskets are generously sized and hold a lot of stuff, plus the canvas liners are washable. 

This portable rolling cart gives you extra storage AND extra workspace. Would work well in kitchens, craft rooms, offices and kid's rooms.

What I love most about the cart is the amount of workspace I get. I can easily work on crafts, plus the  height of the cart is a lifesaver for my back!

This portable rolling cart gives you extra storage AND extra workspace. Would work well in kitchens, craft rooms, offices and kid's rooms.

When I do use it in the office, it's tucked under the window so I can look outside as I work. I love seeing the squirrels chase each other in the yard. 

This portable rolling cart gives you extra storage AND extra workspace. Would work well in kitchens, craft rooms, offices and kid's rooms.

Comfort is the ultimate goal of any space, isn't it? I love feeling at home no matter what the space is, so I'm a huge fan of throw pillows and blankets. I've been eyeing one of these glam furry pillows for awhile, and I was able to snag the arctic fur pillow for about $16. The color is true white, it doesn't shed, and it's a perfect fit for my ghost chair.

The arctic fur pillow from the BHG line at Walmart is perfect for any space that needs a dash of girly glam. Only $15.97 at Walmart.

And finally, accessories. Personal touches and punches of colors are what make our spaces uniquely ours, so I chose to go all out with a bold color on an ornate frame. Pee Wee's little face stares down at me as I work, and the color makes me happy. Choosing the right accessories can help make a home, dorm, or rental feel more curated and polished. 

Bring in bold pops of color on accessories such as picture frames. They really stand out, plus they're inexpensive and take about 10-15 minutes to spray paint.

I always know I've succeeded in making a space feel comfy and finished when Pee Wee doesn't want to leave the room:

Pee Wee the pooch always makes a cameo in Monica's posts- he is so cute! Plus, that rug is phenomenal.

I hope my five commandments for decorating new spaces help you tackle your design and decor dilemmas. What new or old space do you hope to spruce up this summer? 

This post was brought to you by the BHG Live Better Network where, as a blogger, I've received compensation by BHG at Walmart to share my ideas and reviews with you. The opinions stated here are my own. For more updates on their products and decor ideas, you can always follow them on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Coral & Leopard w/Metallics Fall 2015 Mood Board

Coral & Leopard w/Metallics Fall Mood Board

I know that my fall 2015 mood board probably looks like a hot mess, but it really does reflect the not-so-fall like decor theme I have brewing in my brain for 2015. I know it's July, but I am so fortunate to be participating in a fall house tour with other amazing bloggers in early September, which means I have to be on my fall A-game starting now

Confession: I bought my first pumpkin for the 2015 season the last week of June at Hobby Lobby. Don't judge me. I couldn't help myself. It's a great addition to my pumpkin family.

I envision velvet throw pillows, plush blankets, sandalwood candles, agate accessories, rustic/natural elements, and of course, Monica's signature metallics.

The Polyvore board above would cost mucho dollars, so I won't even link to those sources. I think the only semi-reasonable items are the leopard throw pillow, wood charger, and the Waverly rug

But I do have a few luxe for less finds that I will share with you.

What are your favorite fall decor trends? Have you thought about fall decor yet or are you still relishing in the summer sunshine?
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